Cutting Cycle Post Surgery

Hey all! I am in need of your insight and advice for this cutting stack.

Age: 29 male

I have been cutting body fat for 2 years and have dropped 100lb in that time. I am going to have Gyno surgery in the beginning of November which will have a two month recovery before I can lift agian. I will able to return to work after a month and I wanted to start a good cutting stack to burn off some more fat before I start to muscle build.

I am considering a 4-8 week cycle of the following:

Test cyno

I haven’t determined the starting doses yet and will do some further research into where to start.

What do you all think of this particular stack?

Any suggestion on where to start dose wise?

Thank you for your insight all :slight_smile:

Clen start at 40mcg and work up based on whatever cycle you choose to run such as 2on/2off or concurrent.

T3 start with either 25 or 50. I started with 50 my first time using and that was recently with no issue, I am also using with Clen. With t3 move up 25mcg every 4-5 days and top off I would say at 100mcg and work yourself down just like you did going up.

Why the Anavar? How much Cyp you going to take?

Thank you for responding.

I was going to add anavar to maintain muscle mass but I realized this won’t be needed with the test doing the same thing.

I am already on test for TRT so I am considering a dose of 300mg a week to start then I can up it when I start my bulking cycle.

300 might be low. I have read using no less than 500 MG a week when on t3 and clen. I am running 750 right now with Clen t3 and hgh.