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Cutting Cycle/PCT Help?

Hey every one! I could use a little help with putting together a nice cutting cycle!
My stats:
31yrs old
195 lbs
%15-17 body fat
3 years lifting experience

I’ve done one cycle about a year ago
Test e, 10 weeks with e blocker on hand and nolvadex protocol for pct.
Now I’m looking to put together a cutting cycle , so far I have
2 x 10 ml x 250 mls of test c
1 x 10 ml x 150 mls of tren ace
120 pills of var 20 mg per pill
30 ml of t3
I haven’t got my pct together yet but I won’t start without it!

My question is… How can I put together a kick ass cutting cycle with what I have?
And what would be the best PCT?

Dude your my height at 195lbs with 15-17% BF. Do you even work out??

I can tell you where your natural genetic wall will roughly be, about 215-220 around 10-12% body fat. I know this cause Ive been there.

I would suggest you get your diet and training in order, without knowing the first two, AAS will be an epic fail for you. Its not a magic cure.

1 vial of tren ace? What’s that good for one week? A week and a half? LOL

I don’t want to get bulky I fight, so I want to stay around 185, I used to be 225 and when I started Muay Thai I went to 175 but I’ve been bulking the last year or so and now at 195, I want to drop 10 pounds and maintain muscle to stay I’m my weight class.
So how can I put what I have together to make a cycle and what should get?

How long have you been fighting because you should be able to cut 10 lbs in 30 hours prior to weight ins.

If you have to run a cycle

Test 500mg a week
Anavar- you have enough to run it the last 32 days of your cycle at 75mg daily.

Keep your diet in check.

i can cut ten pounds like nothing! the thing is i used to be 225 and i was lifting serious for about 2 years and then i tried muay thai so i could cut up a bit but i really had a talent for smashing people! I was canadian national amateur champion at 176< i did that for a few years but ive always been wanting to go back to my first love pumping iron!

i lost so much muscle cutting weight for fights, so im taking some time off competing and started lifting again for the past year and made some good gains
My diet and workout plan is in check and my bf my be a little off i have my top 4 abs with a little meat at the bottom so im thinking maybe lower than %15?

i want to lose 10 lbs without losing my muscle that i have gained and maybe put on a little muscle as well?

this is the cycle i was thinking:

week 1-10 test 500mg/w
week 1-10 t3
week 1-5 tren 300 mg/w
week 5-10 var 75 mg/d


Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50

This is what I do for pct and it works great for me

thanks, but how dose my cycle look?
ive heard that nolva and tren are a bad combo?
do you do nolva and clomid at the same time?
and do you have any suggestions for an AI while cycling ?

As for your cycle it looks good, the only thing is your test/tren ratio ideally higher tren lower test is a way to go to avoid sides but its up to you. I would run an AI on cycle and also have some caber or prami on hand as well.

The Nolva tren thing is a myt and besides by the time you use the Nolva the tren will be long gone.

Yes, Nolva and clomid at the same time

AI, either adex or aromasin

As you know when you intentionally cut weight down to the next class below, you will almost always be stronger than most guys you will roll with. I would run your cycle minus the tren.