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Cutting Cycle On Top of TRT

I’ve been looking into running a 6 week cycle of either winstrol or anavar (still undecided) for my first cutting cycle. Everything I’ve read suggests running test for 4-6 weeks, then test + winstrol or anavar for 6-8 weeks followed by PCT. My question is this: If I’m doing TRT do I even bother with PCT? I’m currently taking 250mg of Test C/week plus 1 mg of anastrazole/week.

I’ve never used winstrol or anavar but you don’t need pct if you are on trt. You are probably already shutdown. Btw, 250 a week for trt is a high dose. Is that dr prescribed?

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Run masteron or primo instead of var or winny. Stanozolol and oxandrolone will both absolutely wreck your lipid profile, drostanolone and methenolone will have a negative impact on hdl but nothing compared to var or winny


Second here on the masteron. Don’t believe the BS that says you have to be less than 10% bf for it to have an effect. I’ve run a couple of cycles of mast and tightened up quite nicely for the summer.

Run about 400 mg/week. Make sure you get mast ethanate so you can pin twice a week when you pin your Test. I’d plan on about 10 -12 weeks.

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Yeah. He started me off at 200mg/week but after 6 weeks my bloodwork showed my test levels were only at 500 so he bumped me up to 250. He’s a reputable doctor so I assume he knows what he’s doing.

What did 250mgs get you to? Somewhere in the 700 range?

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no need for pct while on TRT.

Masteron is a good drug, but likely more expensive than var or winny. I think orals are fucking great for gains. I run at least one oral in every cycle. I would avoid Primo unless you have an EXCELLENT source. It’s faked all the time.

Effects of any drug on lipid profiles varies widely from person to person, and is dose and duration dependent. What unreal is saying is not universal, and it’s something you’ll have to figure out through bloodwork if it applies to you. I’ve run dbol at 100mg/day, test, tren, and halo at 20mg/day, and not had elevated lipids. and halo is supposed to be one of the hardest orals on your system. anavar and winstrol have not effected my lipid profile whatsoever in any cycle. I’ve actually never had elevated levels .


Was your HDL cholesterol unaffected? @flipcollar

What’s your SHBG out of curiosity

Don’t know yet. Its only been 4 weeks, getting blood work done again in 2.

correct. I’ve done bloodwork a zillion times, and only once has any value come in out of range, and I believe that was due to the fact that I’d been drinking a lot in the weeks before my test.

EDIT: I’m not suggesting that everyone should expect my results. Far from it. I’m simply saying these things shouldn’t be assumed, one way or the other. Experimenting with what works for you, at the end of the day, is the only way to learn what you do and don’t tolerate, and at what doses.

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Gotcha. How do you feel since starting?

Pretty good. I definitely have a lot more energy than before. My initial test levels before starting were below 200. Amazed my dick didn’t fall off. lol

Interesting, is there a way to possibly predict the way your cholesterol will react to orals, or does one have to start taking them and do bloods to see individual reactions. have you ever taken anadrol? As to halotestin, interestingly enough, it is FDA appoved tread hypogonadism at daily doses of 5-20mg/day. I wonder what your cholesterol would look like on superdrol (dimethyldrostanolone) I’ve never seen a single panel of blood work come back normal cholesterol wise for anyone while they take that stuff. Also you say you’ve used tren before. Does it effect your cardio? It seems that tren has a detrimental effect on muscular endurance for many and considering you compete in strongman competitions would that not be counterproductive?

Man, I’m just guessing here, BUT I would expect someone who already has cholesterol issues would exacerbate the problem with oral steroids. I don’t have evidence of that, but it makes sense. I think most people, especially young people, will not already know if they are predisposed to that sort of thing, so in that sense, it’s really a crapshoot.

I think everyone should get bloodwork at least once before taking anything, before their first cycle. Then mid cycle in the first cycle, and again about a month after the cycle to assess recovery, and how they react to the drugs while in the system.

Re: superdrol - I didn’t get bloodwork when I was on it. Only took it once, I have a lot left and may run it again in the coming months. If I do I’ll get bloodwork to see.

Tren didn’t massively affect my cardio, but probably a little. At times I’ve used albuterol to help with conditioning, whether on tren or not. It’s also been suggested to me to run EQ alongside tren to help negate tren side effects. I’m on Test and EQ right now, and may finish this cycle with a low dose of tren.

EDIT: Keep in mind, I can mostly push through any conditioning issue in a given event. Nothing lasts more than 60 seconds, so conditioning requirements are minimal. A minute of heavy car deadlifting can suck, but mental strength is generally sufficient to push through the entire minute.