Cutting Cycle - Need help!

I am 35 years, 5ft 10, 180lbs. I will going on an 8 week cutting cycle comprising of EQ, Winny, either Primo or Parabolan (Tren Ace) (what do you suggest?), T3 and Clen.

Weeks 1-8 300mg/wk EQ
Weeks 1-8 200mg/wk Winny
Weeks 1-8 ?? /Primo or Para
Weeks 4-8 T3 and Clen

Supplements: Amino Acid 2222, AKG, ZMA, Fish Oils and Multivitamins

Please advice on how to take the following dosages for maximum muscularity and definition. I am not looking to get extremely huge, just very defined.

The key to getting very defined is diet what does that look like?

Thanks Saps!

Yes my diet is very clean:

Pre-workout: 1 scoop Protein shake with half Grapefruit
Post-workout: 1 1/2 scoop Protein shake with 3 tablespoons of Pineapple juice powder OR medium Banana
Breakfast: 8 eggs whites, 1/3 cup Oatmeal
Snack: 1 Can of tuna plain
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast or steak tips with Broccoli
Snack: Protein shake or 1 small can of tuna or grilled chicken breast
Dinner: 2 cups of salad, grilled chicken or salmon, 2 tablespoon Olive oil

That’s pretty much everyday! I will go up or down on oatmeal and/or add brown rice or potato for lunch.

But if you could help me with the dosages above Saps that would be great!

Looks pretty decent, in terms of higher protein and lower carbs. Do you have any specific idea how many grams you are getting in terms of protein and carbs? When you mentioned going up or down with oatmeal and/or brown rice are you carb cycling?

Since your stated goal is max definition Im wondering why you are pursing a cycle with so many compounds? [Mind you Im not criticizing your selections just looking for more explanation] Also, have you run AAS before? Why no test at all? Do you have access to compounds other than the ones you listed?

Thanks Saps for your profound response. Yes I have run AAS before and have used Test Cyp and Test Prop to gain size together with GH, followed by the cycle above and this was 2 years ago. I believe I did not have the proper guidance having all that gear to really maximize on my gains. With that being said, I have gone on the above cycle in 2005 and achieved terrific results. So to be very honest, I do not want to load up to gain the size and then cut, I am just setting out to get shredded.

As for the diet, yes I am carb cycling, trying to focus more on a Keto-diet but that is really to hard on me as I have to function at work.

In terms of gear, I can get my hands on anything but really it all comes to the financial aspect of it. Do note that I will be traveling for long overdue summer break from work so I am trying to balance my finances :slight_smile:

I finally purchased Primo 100 to go with the above cycle and will only do 4 weeks of it after which I will then begin my T3 + Clen, everything else remains the same. Also I was recommended by a competing bodybuilder here not to consume T3 and Clen together on the same day. He suggested I take T3 on day one and again 4 days later, Clen - Every other day except with T3. What are your thoughts? Please advise.