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Cutting Cycle help!

I plan to take Winstrol 200mcg a week, Trenbolone 300mcg a week, 2 Dianabol a day and cycling Clen 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for 2 the duration of the 8 week cycle. Any views on my stack? I aint after getting shit on just honest advice would be appreciated!"


Pardon my shit but, it’s mg and not mcg bro. Get your dosages right b/f you mess yourself up man. I usually run tren with test prop as the tren tends to suppressive as shit. Shuts down the nads. Check your international measurements and get back with us. We’ll get you there.


Most people leave out the c in micrograms, not add it to milligrams, anyway. (sorry, had to shit a little)

I’d drop the Winstrol, if not take an equal amount everyday like 30mg/day=210mg/week. Likewise with the Tren, though first cycle I might suggest waiting on it and just stick with test and maybe a dht.

The Dianabol, The two Dianabol a day, that’s at what mg? if 5 - too low for anything except taking both pre-workout and then you definately need to add test; If 50mg - too high.

You really need to consider some issues with your cycle. This looks like your first and you do not know yet how you will respond. How does your blood pressure respond while on a cycle? Don’t know? Trenbolone is notorious for causing high blood pressure.

It looks like you are using Dianabol as you testosterone source, not a bad idea in my opinion other than dianabol causes more BP issues than test does. How does acne effect your cycle…again look into what you are taking, winstrol and trenbolone are two of the worst for acne if you get it (nolvadex is the worse for me)