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cutting cycle help...

I’ve been planning my next cycle and posted one awhile ago with clen/test/winny. I’ve been doing some reading on cutting cycles such as tren/winny/clen or test/tren/clen and other various combinations. just curious as to what has been the best cutting cycle to everyone out there. I’ve never really had to worry about cutting up because I stay fairly lean. What do you all suggest?

whenever I cut I always use tren and test. You mentioned using gh in another post. So why not test, tren gh, and some sort of fat burner. I am not a fan of clen, prefer ephedra, but clen seems to be easier to obtain these days. If you dont mind playing with your thyroid, then t3 could also be a good choice. I had my best results with test, tren, Eq, t3.

Many do not like eq for dieting because it stimulates their appetite, but it does not do that for me, and I like how veiny I get on eq.

oops. I see it was a different Johnny using gh. oh well. still could try it if u can afford it.

I did a great cutting cycle with tren test and winny. I just used an E/C/A stack along with that and watched what i ate. Worked quite well. Clen isn’t something i’d ever be interested in trying (nor is GH for that matter). If you’re like me in that respect, i would recommend the above cycle. Hotrox would work well as your fat burner.

I have always done pretty well on a standard tren and winny cycle, 75mgs of each ED. I know that is a lot of pin pushing, but I have done the cycle with winny inj. and orals, and the orals just did not feel the same. I’ve run this from 6-8 weeks, always with pretty good results. Tren shuts me (and everyone else from what ive heard) down really hard, so i think HCG is a necessity, with some quality PCT.

   Honestly bro, diet is the most important part...AAS in most of my cutting cycles have served the important purpose of preventing lean mass loss.  Winny will keep you hard and a little vascular, while tren has alwasy given me unbelivable pumps and focus in the gym.  But if you dont eat right, really clean, with a gradual reduction of carbs and carb loading at the end, good fat intake, and usually a shitload of protein, it doesnt matter what kind of AAS you take.  

   However, as per some vet recommendations, I am trying a test/winny cycle for the next 9 weeks as my summer cutter.  I'm running 500 mgs of Test enath a week for the first three weeks, 250 Test a week and 75mg Winny ED for the next three weeks, and then winny at 75mgs ED for the last three weeks.  Also using HCG and Letrozole throughout, and Novla/Clomid PCT.   I am throwing in some clen at the beginning, middle, and end for a little metabolic ass-kicking.  I'll let you know how it goes......Lata

haha yeah it was a different Johnny that did GH, I’m not a big fan of that. I’ve never used clen before, but was told by friends that it was great for cutting. I’m more leaning towards a test/tren/winny cycle now due to some more reading and more people recommending it to me. but thanks for your info guys