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Cutting Cycle Help. Sust/Mast/Tren

Current Stats: 5’7" 174lbs Body Fat % (not a clue but check my 5’7" 174lbs 24 Year Old 6-7 Years of Training for a guess)

Question is should I use Nolva or Clomid for this cycle.
I’m planning on keeping low test high tren.
Using sust for the prop mainly thus pinning EOD
If Nolva is a better fit for this cycle please let me know what dose and how many weeks.

Sust Mast Tren Cycle

Week 1-12
125mg EOD

Week 3-12
Tren Ace
100mg EOD

Mast Prop
100mg EOD

Adex 0.5 mg EOD entire cycle and PCT
3 Days after last pin Clomid 100/50/50/50/20/20/20
HCG week 8-12 500iu Twice a week

I’d run nolva and clomid both 7-10 days after last pin cause sustanon has 2 longer esters in it. If it were just prop, I’d recommend after 3rd day. Run HCG thru cycle to PCT.
I like your pinning protocol and dosages. If I’m eating length of PCT is 7 weeks, I’d drop that to 4. Using both on that cycle 4 weeks old enough ok but you will know by that time and could adjust.
Remember, a solid diet is more important than the gear.
Good luck. Good times.

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You’re right because of the long esters in Sust. I would’ve done it with just Prop but I had a vial of Sust laying around so might as well just use it.

HCG throughout the whole cycle to PCT? I’m not running crazy dosages as I have already struggled before with having my nat levels back in place. 4 weeks prior PCT at 500iu x2 week should be enough right?

What’s the reason of using both Nolva and Clomid?

My Diet/Training ethic are always on point. I’ll be carb cycling throughout the whole 12 weeks, aiming for a nice cut while putting some muscle at the same time.


Yeah, sustanon’s good. No, you’re not running crazy cycle. I usually run 250ius e3d thru help keep the boys around. I’ll run more if needed.
I don’t know. I’d imagine so, but you would know better. Decent little cycle.

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Thanks for the answer. I still don’t understand the science of using both Clomid and Nolva for PCT If I’m already running adex throughout cycle and PCT and Clomid, why is Nolva needed?

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It has been debunked that clomid/nolva together would do a better job, I would use nolva.

I have seen your training log and tbh I believe you aren’t ready for tren, that shit is strong as fuck just for the perspective, tren is X5 times stronger than test just imagine that, is fucking amazing for gains BUT sides are X5 times stronger too so is like the last fucking drug that you should use, even the pro’s say that.

Adex looks good, HCG looks good to me even tho some people recommend use it trough out the whole cycle ( the idea is maintaining your nuts running for an easy PCT and gains) but in my case for example I’ll be doing 6 weeks 500ui a week on a basic test-e 12w cycle.

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That’s just what I thought, but I remember reading somewhere that Clomid is better when using a 19-nor as the shutdown is harsh and the recovery takes longer
Also why do you say im not ready for tren? I haven’t posted any training logs. I’d like to see how it goes and if I think or feel it’s too harsh I’ll drop it and continue with the sust/mast

So basically your HCG protocol is to us at that dose for half the length of your cycle. Sounds very reasonable, especially when using long esters

Sorry man, I meant I have seen your log talking about your stats, I just feel that Tren is the ultimate drug and should be used as a last resource, I’ve read that drugs like winstrol and anavar are great drugs for cutting with some clen on the mix ( clen not being categorized as a steroid)

The difference is that those drugs don’t aromatize + there’s no water retention and the muscle gain = boom you get 3D looking muscles but gotta keep in mind your joint

There’s something that we know for sure, get ready to battle with prolactin if you use tren and to be shutdown as a mofo if you don’t do things right with tren.

Yah,that’s my personal approach on HCG and this is my first cycle but I’ve done my homework and read non-stop for about a year on AAS, and thankfully so far so good no heavy water retention and good gains into my 6 week on cycle.

I would like recommend you the book Anabolics by Dr. William Llewellyn’s, good info there.

Good luck with the shredding season man.

Keep that Adex always in hand, at anytime you feel the bloat excess up the dose. Bloating can be mostly from estrogen rebounds 0.5 mg EOD usually does the job for me of keeping gyno, and bloating away. Sometimes I’d up the dose to 1mg EOD based on how I’m feeling. You always gotta listen to your body.
If the sides of the tren get too harsh I’ll drop it hence why I’m going for ace since it’s a short ester and will leave my system quicker than Tren ena
Thanks again for the tips/help I’ll stick to Clomid only. I’m thinking of doing a transformation log so I can get some feedback from the forum (hopefully not the trolls that run this forum)