Cutting Cycle Help & IGF


I am hoping to start a cycle to help gain lean muscle, while the main focus is to shred fat and thus drop my overall body fat. I am about 5"8 217lbs with approx 12-15% body fat (top abs and V plates showing). I have experiance with tren ace, deca, sus, test prop, dbol, winstrol, primo, masteron and test e from previous cycles.

Here is what I am planning to take

Week 1 - 8 Test Prop 100mg EOD
Week 1 - 6 Tren Ace 100mg EOD
Week 1 - 8 Anavar 50mg ED

I will also take EPH (ephidrine, caffine and aspirin)

For PCT I will take Clomid and HCG

For maintaining low water and keeping natural test levels I will take caber and armidex.

I am unsure whether to add 100 - 200 iu of IGF to this course, what do you guys think? What additional gains will I make, what side affects will I be likely to occur so on so forth.

Any help or suggestions with any part of the cycle will be much appricated.


  1. Why are you using both Clomid and Arimidex?

  2. Why would you run Clomid PCT, but use Arimidex during cycle?

  3. How do you expect to keep “natural test levels” when you’re shooting ~300mg of Test per week?

  4. 100 - 200 iu split in what way?

Using IGF 4 iu per day, 2iu in each muscle (ie 2iu in each bicep)

and as for the other question what would you suggest doing instead, bearing in mind I am trying to cut and gain only lean muscle mass in thi cycle and what effects would IGF incorporated in this cycle have?

I plan on doing 4 iu of IGF per day 2 iu in each muscle (ie 2iu x 2 biceps). How much more will this help me cut and gain lean mass.

Also what would you suggest for PCT then?

IGF is measured in micrograms, not in international units.

I hope you haven’t purchased any of this yet. You have a lot of research to do on your own before you start that cycle. Not being a jerk, it’s just for your own safety.

sorry matey just getting my units mixed up i read for beginners of IGF to use 40mcg per day, does this sound more hopeful.And back to my original question, will this be worth incorporating in my cycle, ie will the results be worth it?