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Cutting Cycle for Use in Powerlifting


Has anyone any recommendations for a cycle used to drop some bodyfat whist training on a powerlifting based program ?


Are you on cycle now? Is your training changing i.e. adding cardio, supersets, etc? How long do you want to be on? What about after the cycle?
It’s pretty much all diet with certain compounds used for particular benefits and looks. In general 500mg test is all that’s “needed” until bf reaches 12% or so and a certain look is desired. Eq or Npp can be great additions until your final part of cutting. I like Npp as it keeps you full, increases performance and recovery, increases vascularity and cardio output (at sane doses), but does leave a little less definition while on if diet isn’t tight. Test, Npp, Mast is my favorite for any goal except an extreme ripped look where compounds like tren and winny benefit the most.
Really it depends on what you actually want (besides lower bf), lifestyle, how your training (depends on what will help vs not- i.e. Tren can be amazing but it kills my cardio, sweating, and mood so for me it’s a lousy compound until the last several weeks if I’m willing to compromise for it’s amazing benefit). Gives us an idea of your particular goals, lifestyle, training, etc: for example I might say I want to cut 5%bf while increasing my athletic performance, while working 50 hours a week and spend quality time with the family and really want to shine for 9 weeks during the summer where I’ll be doing lots of outdoor activities (only place something like tren would fit for me would be 6-8 weeks before summer for example) I’m rambling, but there’s so many ways you can go, again test only is perfect until particular desires. I’d kiss it and run test and an anabolic, oral at the end or for particular moment and adjust.


eat less.

anavar, winstrol, tren, and masteron are good drugs when bodyweight is a concern. Tren can kill your appetite for sure.


Sorry for the late response

Current 19% BF @ 93kg - 5"5

Work roughly 40 hour train for roughly two

Working towards a family wedding in Greece in 6 months

Heard some good reviews from friends on twice a week 1ml of Test / masteron/ tren