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Cutting Cycle - Feat. Deca


Third cycle coming up soon...here are some stats

been dieting for a little came down from 217 lbs @ 5"10 probably closer to 15-17%bf, hard to tell with how much water I was holding. Gonna continue dieting until next cycle in about a month. Should be around 195 10-13%, really again hard to tell because of how soft I look right now. I hold weight somewhat weird, at 217 I had gained over 100 pounds since the start of my lifting career over 5 years without growing an inch.

12 weeks.

week 1-5
Test Enanthate 400mg/w (2 shots/wk)
Deca 300mg/wk (2 shots/wk)
week 5-10
Test Enanthate 400mg/wk
Deca 300mg/wk
Winstrol 50mg Tabs split up into 25mg AM/PM
Test E 300 down to 200
Winstrol tabs 50/day

Entire time Ill be taking 1mg adex and .5mg caber e3d or twice a week day after my pins

PCT clomid 75/50/50



general cycle looks good. i'm not sure how happy you'll be with the deca for cutting, as some guys hold a ton of water with that. however, you should still be able to lose fat if your diet and training is on point...


Yeah honestly Its not like I'm trying to go get show ready or anything. Im going to do a full log with pictures throughout the entire thing


ah, you're prolly good then.

you might wanna run the PCT longer... i'm a firm believer in running a lower dose of a SERM for longer.

if you like Clomid, then i'd go with 25-50 mg for 6 weeks or so...


Longer PCT just because of the Deca staying in the system for so long? Would I still start PCT two weeks after last shot or would it make sense to wait since deca can linger


well, both.

i always suggest a longer PCT. with Deca that's even more important...