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Cutting Cycle Examples

I’m using Tren A for the first time. Started low and moved up to 210 mgs wk. I had a few bad mood days so I cut it for a week. reintroduced it at 105mg, just moved up to 140 mg. If mood stays level then I’ll go back up to 210 again. I pin everyday, and pin Test C and Tren A in same needle. I don’t have any side effects at this dose. No cough, minor libido decline, nothing else. I don’t find it particularly harsh. I like it better than NPP which I couldn’t do more than 2 wks without anxiety. I started Ace because of the shorter ester. I would do tren E in the future so I can pin less if I finish this cycle with no issues. So, my two cents is that AAS affects every one differently, you may like it and have no issues but always start conservatively with whatever compound you choose.


7a methyl estradiol as opposed to 17a methyl estradiol with dbol/methyl testosterone

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What are the differences as far as side effects between the two?

It appears that, according to almighty Wikipedia, the binding affinities are the same as estradiol:

Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re equipotent.

This paper states that the estrogenic activity was similar to estradiol:

“7α-Methyl-E2 resulted in potent estrogen activity via both ER subtypes with efficiency similar to natural E2.”

Edit: trestolone does not bind to SHBG, so it would not be surprising if its estrogen derivative does not either. This would change its bioavailability and metabolic clearance rate considerably:

Furthermore, from all of the anecdotal evidence I’ve read, it seems to raise prolactin quite a bit, and exacerbates gyno.

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