Cutting Cycle Examples

I’ve never cut on gear, just bulked on blasts and cut on cruises, but I’d like to get from 18% to 10% ASAP and without losing any of the muscle or strength I’ve built up

I know I should be able to accomplish this on just a cruise dose, but I’d like to leverage the gear to cut harder while stabilizing my strength and size gains

For those who have cut on cycle, can you give me examples of compounds used, dosages, cycle lengths, etc as well as how hard you cut, ie what percentage of calories you’ve cut from maintenance and your results?

Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to learning from everyone’s experiences

At 18%, you likely won’t lose much muscle even if you are shooting for a 2lb per week drop. Add in when performance drops. Maybe that is at 12%-14%. I guess, I would add stuff in on top of cruise at that point. Maybe an oral pre workout to be able to train harder while in a deficit (pick a dry one like var or tbol). Maybe a bit more pre workout to have the mental energy to do a bit of LISS cardio at the end.

I guess my advice is cut on cruise until that isn’t working, then add in a bit to make up for the lack of energy from lack of food.

What are your other stats? Height, weight, age, lifts? How confident are you on the BF% estimate?

That’s what I was thinking. Cut on a cruise dose until my lifts start dropping, have tbol on hand and add it in at that point

Any recommendations on a dose for the tbol?

And would it make sense to take the oral every day to preserve muscle instead of just preworkout on lifting days?

Thanks for the feedback!

And I’m very confident about my body fat % because I know where I have to be to get as lean as I want and I calculated my current bf using my starting and end weight

This I don’t really know what would be better. Using it as a pre workout, you could run it longer. You are going to look flat, and think your muscles are wasting away, but they are probably just going to balloon up once you get out of a deficit. I would worry more about gym performance than looks during a cut.

Also relating to the previous question, but you could run a steady dose all week, of maybe 20 mg/day, then on gym days, add in another 20 mg an hour or two before the gym. Tbol has one of the longer half lives for an oral, so I might go for about 2 hours before.

Another thing to think about is just letting some muscle go during the cut, and doing a blast after. That muscle will come right back plus some more with a blast and a caloric surplus.

myea, no…

anyways - test and GH at start… if you want to get really lean and not lose any strenght then add tren later… Ace kicks like a mule, but it is also terrible if you get caugh… Enth is milder but also easier to take, and i preffer Enth anyways.

You will still lose daily strenght while on deficit tho, but hopefully not much muscle, and strenght will be back once you get out of the deficit.

If I were only shooting for 10% body fat I wouldn’t consider any loss of strength as acceptable. It is possible to lose enough fat (used for hip support) in your hips to drop slightly in squat strength. Your bench press and overhead press might even increase taking more anabolics. As I see it 10% body fat is about 6 weeks out from a contest.

I would not care what AAS’s I was taking for getting down to only 10% body fat. But that’s just me.

Note: I used calipers to measure % body fat (9 point if I recall correctly). Though it is not precise, it will measure progress dependably. The impedance test is fraught with variation depending on water content, time of day, among some others. Very frustrating attempting to track progress.

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yea, without high-tech stuff its almost impossible… calipers show different stuff if you just move em a bit, and its always impossible to hit the exact spot.
lots of years ago when i was leaning out, my GF did this for me and we did 3 times all the spots and i calculated the average from all 3 seperate calculations, lol :smiley:

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Just for reference, I have 0 experience with Tren, before I ask. Seeing as how you are the Tren God, would you recommend Tren E to a first time user of Tren? I only ask because I see a lot of people say Tren A for first timers just in case of side effects they can not cope with.

Edit: I have no plans to use Tren, this was more of a write this down for possible later use.

This is stupid in my opinion because ace and enth have different side effects and also the effects. What you might find as hard to tolerate on ace, you might not even feel on enth at all. Problem with using Ace at first is that you might hate tren and never give enth a shot, even tho i love enth and i friggin hate ace, altho ace does kick harder.

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By kick do you mean PIP or the way it makes you feel?

I haven’t taken Tren, but ace, is more likely to induce Tren cough. I know people who have gotten this side effect, and claim hacking their lungs out for 30 minutes straight.

My thoughts on Tren if I ever were to take it, was that if dosing is low enough, then I would just run Tren E. If the sides are bad, it will still clear quickly if the dose is low enough. I wouldn’t go above 150 mg/wk with this method for a first timer, and if I did, it would be after 4 weeks at 150 mg/wk.

Basically, clearance time is a function of not only the ester, but the dose as well in regards to side effects. I would still administer it EOD, as I think even with long ester drugs, more frequent administration generally helps mitigate side effects (I think having more stable levels equals less sides).

I think something like DHB (if you can get it), might work really well for you, and isn’t quite the animal that Tren is. It does have some similar sides to Tren (night sweats), and doesn’t convert to E2, so it will have you looking good during the cut. It is basically like really strong Primo. I hear it has a wicked PIP though. @wanna_be has run it a bit, if he wants to chime in. Still think you should only add in when you need it for cutting (in the context of not prepping for a show). Adding 200 mg/wk of DHB to your cruise would likely go a long way.

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I know I am no where close to comfortable enough with Test alone to be anywhere close to thinking Tren was an option for me. The side effects seem to never be consistent across the board when I read on here. So bless it as the best, others curse it. Of course health wise there is no doubt it is bad for you. That is what makes me look at it like radioactive waste. In that yah it can give you super powers,… or possibly kill you.

Though I have dabbled in my journal (aka diary lol) with the thought of low dose Deca weekly and this was only brief as someone had mentioned joint relief to supplement further gains. However, enough of the experts around here have put a large amount caution around Deca for me to be a LONG ways off from seriously considering that as well.

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I probably will not run any 19 nor drugs, aside from perhaps Ment (which is a maybe). For me, the secondary injectable drugs that seem appealing are DHB and Primo. I lean more towards DHB, as it is less money per mg, a lot stronger, and the sides don’t seem to bad, but there isn’t a ton of info out there on it.

how much you feel it… also, how shitty the sides are :smiley:

i get 2-3mins of not being able to breathe and sweatting a bucket… after it ends i need to lie on the bed for good 20mins to be able to walk and start my day :smiley:

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I’ve enjoyed DHB so far. No earth shattering gains or anything though. Still don’t look like I would be a candidate for sterronssss so there’s that. There is pip, no small muscle injections for sure, not crippling though.

I have never heard of DHB (maybe I have if it has another name) before to be honest. As for Primo, people seem to give pretty positive feedback from what I have read. Moderate-Mediun gains. Moderate-No side effects. Though the sampling of people I have read about using it is still quite small. Continuing the honesty train, Primo is again not anything I am comfortable with. Especially knowledge wise. That and I do not believe my stats would justify me doing anything but Test and the occasional oral.

Edit: Also, no idea what MENT is.

Shit that sounds horrible. What were the side effects (aside from the immediate) that you had?

Dihydroboldenone. You know what DHT is, right? It is 5-alpha reduced product of Testosterone, DHB is 5-alpha reduced product of Boldenone (EQ). It is stronger than EQ though. Mark Mcgwire was caught taking a pro hormone that converts to DHB.

I would use something like DHB over using NPP, or Deca as a second injectable to add to a cycle.

Ment or Trestalone is a 19 nor drug (derived from Nandralone). It is a very strong. It will convert to estrogen (I believe methyl estradiol). It doesn’t appear to have as strong of negative impacts to mood, libido, or erection quality as the other 19 nor drugs, but I could be wrong on that.

This is kinda where I am at too.

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Those are the only ones i have ever gotten from everything i have taken. I did enth and had caugh maybe two-three times a month instead of every time as on ace, and it was all peachy.

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