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Cutting Cycle Dose and Anti-Estrogen

Hi guys i started a cutting cycle with Tren ace, Test prop, Mastrone, winny & Anavar… dosage are as follwed. This is the first week Monday Tren ace 100 mg(1ml), test prop 150mg (1ml), Mastrone 100mg(1ml), winny , 50 mg(1ml) and (anavar oral 30 mg E.D) running 20 mg Nolvadex E.D, i didn’t choose arimedix for estrogen as Mastrone is already stacked in cycle as it is having anti estrogen properties, now i am planning to take this doze 3 times a week in first week in second week same and gradually increase the dosage. Am i running the cycle properly? And is Nolvadex good in this cycle or should i switch on arimedix 0.5 mg e.o.d despite of being Mastrone in cycle. Regarding dosage i want to ask tren and test prop is short esters so should i have to make the starting doze like E.O.D to keep the plazma levels steady… Any help appreciated.! I have uploaded the pic of my recent condition.

It would have been easier to list the drugs you’re not on.

Tren, Winstrol, masteron, and anavar…RIP your lipids. I mean, that’ll cut you up for sure. You’ll be harder than diamonds but your insides are going to be trashed in the process. You could skip the anavar and winstrol entirely and still get insane results from test/tren/mast.


Thankyou so much for the reply that so kind of you, m taking liver and lipid stabils. But can u tell me that m i going correct with the anti estrogen? Or should i switch to arimedix .0.5 mg E.O.D. And yes the dosage i recommend was of 1st week it will increase, m planning to do a 6 or 8nweek cycle. Thanks a lot.

With that low amount of test you might not need an AI at all. You’ll have to figure that pout as you go and add in an AI if you’re seeing high e2 side effects.


I would avoid an AI and stick with the Nolva. You’re correct in that the Mast should be giving you a mild AI effect. Run some bloods 4 weeks into the cycle and check T-E-Prolactin just to know for sure and adjust from there. It’s doubtful you’ll need an AI at the dosages you’re talking about but I’d keep an eye on your Tren dose…caber may be in order unless you’ve had experience with Tran in the past and know how 300mg affects you.

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First of all thanks a million for the reply . Regarding the dose i will not exceed 450 mg (3ml) a week or maybe 600 mg (4ml ) a week inj of 150 mg E.O.D. So on that dose should i need to change my anti estrogen from Nolvadex to Arimedix.?

**Thankyou very much for the reply really appreciated. My cycle will be of 6 or max 8 weeks but still I’ll get my blood work done after 4 weeks and T-E-Prolactin as well, as u said, i also want to inform my test is 150 mg (1ml) and i m planning to take 3 ml or max 4 ml a week when i increase the doze. So on that time should i switch to arimedix 0.5 mg E.O.D from Nolvadex 20 mg E.D. And u ask about Tren i haven’t use tren till 300 mg i previously i took tren till 200 mg max in a lean hain cycle with Equipose and **
Test E. The pic i posted is what i got from my lean gain cycle. But in this cutting cycle i am planning to go with tren 300 mg a week max doze. When i increase the doze.That’s my plan. So what should i do?.

I would not add in the Adex at all on that short of a cycle. You’ll be running the Nolva which will be protecting you from gyno…so an additional AI shouldn’t be required.

As far as the Tren goes you’re real concern needs to be prolactin levels which is why I recommended a prolactin panel when you draw blood. You’ve already experienced Tren @ 200mg/wk so 300 you should know what to expect when it comes to the dreaded Tren side effects.

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Thanks for replying i guess u r right about prolactin as when prolactin increases a person may also suffer from acne as well and i am going through it. Its only on back right now lets see. when i do my blood work and prolactin, i might got increased prolactin levels… i am taking isoteren for acne right now and it works well. Might acne is coz of test. Anyways thanks a million. I want to ask one more thing is there any other alternative of N2 guards for organ as here it is very much expensive.

There are other products like Liv52 or just Tudca that you could look at and compare. I’m not sure where you’re located so I won’t speculate on which one is most cost effective for you.

I am already taking live 52 DS and for cholesterol 4 fish oil of 1000 mg and a lipid stabils as suggested by william llewellyn in Anabolics 11th Edition.

Then I would think you could drop the N2guard or substitute some TUDCA which is cheaper in its place.

TUDCA.? Din get u.

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid…do a google search on TUDCA

U r talking about this.?


Thanks a million…

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is Test alone not enough for a cutting cycle? I’ve just started my cruise on 125mg Test E ew and I’m planning on cutting for the next 12 weeks. why do people run so many drugs to cut weight? is it not all about the food?

It’s actually all about caloric deficit. Some folks can make cuts with food alone, others like food and more exercise and still others like to throw in drugs to assist. It’s all up to you and how you like to drop weight.

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May i share my pic of progress with you.?