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Cutting Cycle Critique


Hey guys,

I've got 1200 mcg's of liquid clen coming in. I also have some MAG-10 on hand. I bulked up over the winter break to 230 pounds; the most I've ever been. I am defintely in need of a good cut. I'll be lifting hard and heavy still, as well as doing jump roping/jogging/sprints. I'm going to eat basically T-Dawg style. I've never taken clenbuterol before or MAG-10. I was thinking of doing this:

Week 1 and 2-Clen in a pyramid up, pyramid down fashion
Week 3 and 4-Low dose of MAG-10
Week 5 and 6-Clen in a pyramid up, pyramid down fashion, Alpha Male
Week 7 and 8-Low dose of MAG-10
Week 9- Alpha Male until bottle run out

The reason I have Clen for two weeks, two week cessation, and then two weeks on again is because of the receptor down reg that I have read about. Also, supposedly Benedryl should be taken while on clen to keep the receptors more fresh, true?

Would there be a problem taking Alpha Male with the Clen in weeks 5 and 6, or with Benadryl?

Also, I wouldn't plan on doing this cycle until three more weeks of pure natural cutting, as I know that I can lose a good five pounds of fat quickly without any aid. I have taken HOT-ROX in the past but I got the Clen for a much cheaper price.

As for the exact Clen dosage, it will be the least amount recommended.

Please feel free to shoot this cycle down, tinker with it, or give me any tips...I don't want to fuck my body up and I know that Clen can damaging if taken wrong.

Thanks in advance


It seems like a lot of people use ECA stack between their two week clen cycles. I don't know if I can get a hold of any ephedrine, maybe the hcl version...I believe that is legal. Also, maybe I should just take HOT-ROX in between cycles, instead of the MAG-10. What way do you guys think would yield more fat loss?


Also, sorry I said 1200 mcg, I meant 12,000 mcgs.


I am not a fan of clen---at all!

There are so many good fat burners available out there now, not to mention the best in the business being HOT-ROX, that no one should need to use any so-called "cutting" agents. A good clean diet with the correct training regimine will do wonders for your body comp, plus you will not have problems with the weight trying to bounce back on you after the clen cycle.

The MAG-10 is not a preferred "cutting" compound (IMO it is best used for bulking), however the Carbolin 19 would be a better fit.

The biggest thing to remember is this:
The more you and your body does on it's own, the greater the resistance your body and mind has to keeping fat gain to a very low minimum.


Throw in some T3,the reason clen stops working is because the beta 2's, the receptors that clen works on, will destroy itself due to the strong stimulation by clen. There is a solution. T3 keeps the number of beta 2's up so that there are receptors for the clen to work on. Using T3 and clen together, one can use clen continuously without having to come off. I still recommend a max of 8 weeks straight due to the adrenals getting burned out. A friend turned me on to this and it works fine.


I've heard that the T3 really amplifies the effect, but I have also read that it can easily lead to adrenal burnout or permanent damage to the adrenals or thyroid gland. I think I'll just stick to caffeine/ephedra stack on off weeks.
I'll probably post some before and after pics too.


clen blows imho. why? too much evidence of cardiac necrosis... meaning it kills cells in your heart. i would use something else and pimp the clen. running aas or ph with a cutting cycle is a good idea if you can tolearte the risk.


I would take two months between the Clen doses not two weeks, to give your body time to get back to normal. The shit is dangerous and keep the dose LOW.


I agree. Don't count on the drugs to loose fat. That can be done through simple but consistent dieting, and cardio. If you are going to use the clen, use it only once, and wait untill you reach a 'sticking point' in your diet before you do so.

Don't even think of using drugs that prevent receptor down reg, as that is your body's way of defending itself from the clen, which studies have shown clearly isn't good for you.