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Cutting Cycle. Clen +?


Hello there, ( first post, yaay :slightly_smiling: ) as the title say; i am going to cut and with that i am in need of some advice. i plan on shredding some fat without losing muscle mass, i’ve “bulked” the last 2 years and want to see my abs again :joy:

from my previous cutting experience i have lost alot of fat but at the same time alot of muscle… i now plan too lose the fat but i dont want to lose the gains like the last times… can you guys help me? i know diet and exercise is the key, i will do that… but i want to prevent the muscle loss… i have clen at my disposal, but do you prefer other supplements? Test-tren-mast? or just test? advice is appreciated!

24 yrs
184 cm
105 kg -> 25 ish % BF(yes it has gotten out of hand)

previous cycles; Tbol only.