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Cutting Cycle and Nutrition, Advice/Suggestions


I just have some questions about my cutting cycle:

Started about 250 (~2 yrs ago) , 25% bf ++

19 yo
~17% BF

Have been training/ counting calories and the whole deal for about 2 years now. I know a lot about proper nutrition and training but I wont lie and claim to know everything, I am open to any suggestions and am always looking to add to my arsenal of weapons..

Right now im trying to cut to get to sub 15%. 12,13,14% would make me happy...

M- Upper
T- Lower
Wed-Cardio with some accessory lifting
Sat and Sun off days

I usually do 5 sets of each exercise, varied reps but usually below 10 to keep strength up...

Upper consist of-
-Military Press
-Dips/ Pushups
-Facepulls/ any upper back exercise (reverse fly)

- Single leg exercise
-1 legged leg press
-1 leg split squat (w/ bench)

Some other info: Currently a college student on break so that means little activity during the day besides the gym. But this workout split is pretty damn tiring with all the main lifts, usually takes an hour +, sweating my balls off the entire time...

Now for the important stuff:

Protein always 200 g's +, Ive noticed when im at 225-250 g's I really feel good and recover fast so I say the more the better
Fat-atleast 70-80 g's, ends up being around 90-100
Carbs- the rest of my calories

I planned to slowly and systematically drop my calories over the the next 6 weeks, eating about 2400 cal at most. Varying the calories from 2200-2400 day to day. As the weeks go on I drop them no lower than 2200

Now I dont really know if this is to low, I work my ass off in the gym but honestly sit around all day so I have no idea if this would be considered light activity, moderate or high when using some of the online calculators.

I have tried using the Katch-McArdle online calculators because I feel confident in my estimate of my BF%. I have a hand held reader thing and a scale that can estimate it.

Basically I am looking for suggestions/critiques on the nutrition aspect of this cut. Thank you in advance to all.