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Cutting Cycle Advice

I’m on a cutting/quality phase.
By now in the past months I lose about 4lbs/months of body weight.

Now this trend start to slower.
I have a hypocaloric diet… so far i also start dayly cardio session to “help” the “ripping”.

However I would like to kick in some roids, mainly to better manage appetite and to keep up strenght and LBM.

I have some test prop and adex ready to use.
In the near past i have used test enanthate, var and tbol, winny

However i have never used test to help me cutting…

may the short ester be a good choice? or I should use something like tren?

I do diets for pro bodybuilders and many many competitive bodybuilders…if your serious about losing fat and keeping muscle hire me .

You really should stop pimping yourself out with all these hire me comments.

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