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cutting cycle advice...

I was given this for a cycle for a bodybuilding contest:
-tren/ every other day/ 75 ml per cc.
-propinate/ every other day/ 100 mg per cc.
-winni/ every other day/ 100 mg per cc.

What do you guys think? Will I hold any water with this stack? What would you do to make it better?

personally id run the prop at 100mg ed the tren at 75mg ed and the winstrol at 50mg ed. you can probably get away with the prop eod but id increase the dosage.

what are your stats? eod injections of the products mentioned are fine for a first timer, however if your competing you may need to inject ed opposed to eod. Can’t imagine you holding alot of water, however everyone is different and your diet plays as you know a very important role in all of this. Give us your stats for a better answer.

225 now down to 220lbs.
pretty lean to being with but just want to come in shredded.

Done that exact cycle before a few times, although different doses. If you’re getting ready for a show or dieting…ED injections are more appropriate. The half lifes are short, and there will be quite a drop in blood levels on a EOD basis. And when you’re competing or dieting hard you want your body to be at the most anabolic level it can be. Sever drops in hormone levels mean severe drops in protein synthesis, Sever drops in protein synthesis means less protein utilized for muscle preservation/recovery/growth, less recovery means…ok, you get my freaking point. For the recreational lifter, EOD is fine.

An anti-E should be used for a few reasons. One being that prop can still aromatize because after all…it is testosterone. Also, Estrogen is quite responsible for fat storage in certain areas. It does help to actually lower your BF% if there is less activer Estrogen. Also, tren/winny can cause suppression very easily in some people. For all these reasons that is why I usually use clomid.

Awesome advice…thanks bro!