Cutting Cycle Advice

Hey guys I’m about to start a cycle Leading upto a holiday I have booked I’ve cycled since I was 19, im now 23, I’ve had the last 6 months off due to low HPTA readings after my last pct but they’ve just come back into good range again,
I’ve used all these compounds in the passed usually with higher dosages but I’m really looking to preserve muscle and loose BF and bring out some vascularity, I’m 5ft 8, 90.1kg, around 10% BF, I’ve decided to keep dosages fairly low especially tren because I don’t want the tren controlling my life like last time and I want to genuinely enjoy this cycle and not feel like I’m torchuring myself.

400mg test cyp week 1-12
400mg mast E 1-10
200mg tren E 1-10
Anavar 1-8 100mg ED
Hcg 500ius x2 week 3-14
Anastrozole 1mg e3d

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Tamoxifen 40/20/20/20
Tribulus, ZMA and DAA supplements

My question is, is the tren dose sufficient enough for what I’m after or shall I go upto 3/400mg? In the passed I can bare 300mg but definitely not 400, that being said I was on 750mg test which I’ve heard high test with tren can be a handful
Also i have never ran test lower than 500 in the passed so is my 400 dose fine for a cut?
Thanks a lot let me know what you guys reckon and if there is any tweeking to do

my advice? Don’t do the cycle. By just come into good range again do you mean the lower end of normal, because many referance ranges nowadays consider 100ng/dl to be “normal”. Your reasoning as to why you want to cycle is purely recreational and for aesthetic purposes. While that isn’t a bad thing in itself, the doses you are using for recreational purposes are within the realms of abuse. 200mgs of tren PW is roughly the anabolic and androgenic equivilent (on paper) to 1 gram of test. If you are running the equivilent of 1.4 grams of test 400mgs of mast per week and 700mgs of anavar per week to “lose some BF and bring out some vascularity” then you have your priorities fucked. In the long term, use of AAS for reasons such as this and dosages like this is a way to end up dead at the age of forty from a heart attack related to an enlarged heart or premature coronary artery disease, are you aware of the long term risks associated with chronic AAS usage, especially harsher compounds like tren? Cycling from the age of 19 is a bad idea, but it’s too late now, you will probably be looking down the road of lifelong trt in the next few years. Sorry if I’m being a dick, but seriously if you aren’t a competitive bodybuilder or athlete these doses aren’t necessary at all.

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I agree with Unreal.


If you’re going to do it anyway then drop the test down to a TRT dosage, like 200mgs, and let the mast and tren do their thing. Alternatively you could drop the tren entirely and go test/mast/var and get some seriously lean gains. Or listen to Unreal and don’t mess with your system now that you’re actually back to normal. But you’ll have to make that call.

I get that it’s probably not the best idea in term of my hormones but I’m gonna do it anyway and I use it in a safe manner these dosages are no where near unsafe and I’ve gave it enough time off so I’m in the same boat of all you other steroid users IMO