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Cutting Cycle Advice


Hey so this is my 3rd cycle I’ll be doing and needed some help/advice here. I like to think I have a little bit of experience/knowledge at this point but I’m definitely far from being an expert on this stuff.

Primary purpose of this cycle is to cut but I’d also like to gain some lean muscle.

Current Stats: 5’ 11 - 213 lbs - around 18% body fat

cycle history real quick: Did a cycle of Sust around 500/wk with winstrol/tbol about 2 years ago. Last year did test cyp at around 600/wk plus winsrol 50 mg/day and anavar 60 mg/day. Used Dr. Scally’s PCT (hcg/nolva/clomid)

Just finished a three month bulk with no supplements or gear whatsoever, just upping my calories/macros quite a bit (at around 4000 cals a day) and have seen my strength/size go up a little bit but have also put on a little more fat then I’d like. Definitely was a dirty bulk and really didn’t stay too disciplined as long as I hit my numbers for protein, fats, carbs everyday to keep gaining size. (So obviously the fat gain was kind of expected.)

Alright, so now I’ll get to the gear. I’d like to use test prop (because of the short ester) maybe at 50-100 mg/day along with some clenbuterol on for 2 weeks and then off for two weeks throughout the cycle to really melt a lot of fat. Also willing to incorporate privoron to get the most out of my test since this is my third cycle of test.

**My question is that I’d like to add one more thing to my stack. Something to help cut but add to my strength. I’m considering primobolan or masteron or winny or anavar. Last time I did anavar it had adverse affects on my cholesterol so I’d like to maybe stay away from that. Winny reacts great with my body but its so harsh on my liver and I don’t know how much of a difference it makes as far as strength goes. So now I’m in between masteron or primobolan (leaning towards the primo right now but a lot of people are saying it’s not worth the money).

By the way I know tren is the master of all cycles when it comes to adding lean gains but shredding up. However I’d like to stay away because of how bad I hear the side effects are.

Any help or critique would be appreciated. If you have a better suggestion for a cutting cycle that doesn’t include tren please let me know. Again, I know diet is the main key for any cutting cycle so with diet aside please let me know what you would recommend. Thanks in advance guys




Please see the sticky links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic.

When you are loosing fat, having lower E2 is important. E2=22pg/ml or 80pmol/L would be ideal for most.
You need an AI.

Do not go after E2 in the single digits, that is harmful and will mess with your mind. mood and libido.


Not really sure what you’re referring to or how it relates to the question so I’m kind of lost. You think you can provide a direct link?


E2 levels have a very strong impact on fat loss and resultant fat patterns.

I was pointing out where the stickies are linked from for your general benefit.


Nah sorry I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass I think the way I replied it may have came off that way. Just asking what you mean by e2 levels being effected and where these stickies are. Are they in the about section? What thread kind I find them, thanks.


If you go back in the pharma section, the first post is “About the Pharma Category”. That’s the only stickied thread. The second post in that thread has several useful links.


Primo is mildly effective at its best. Masteron is a better choice. Although if you’ve never run clen, you might find that will be sufficient for your goals, without adding anything else.


Thanks for the help. Yeah the only reason I highly considered primo is because I hear it’s one of the few that’s really effective when on a calorie deficit. Does anyone have any good suggestions for gear that works well in a deficit?


Forget primo, mast and winny. Those are for hardening up when you’re very low body fat and want to peak. Prop helps keep a little bit of water weight off, but again that only matters when you’re low body fat and trying to peak. The extra cost and injection frequency isn’t worth it, especially not for your current situation. So something like Test E/C would be great to cut with. I’d alternate clen and EC every week to keep your body sensitive to both. With a good diet and training you’ll reach your goals and have a great cycle.

If you really want to add in something else, I’d recommend anadrol or superdrol. They both will give you insane strength even in a caloric deficit. Anadrol can help on a diet as it suppresses appetite in some people, but can add water weight (it comes off after you stop, so this is purely a psychological consideration). Superdrol is more powerful, but can have harsher side effects. They both can be harsh on the liver. If you run more than 100mg Ed of drol or 20mg ED of sdrol I’d highly recommend you supplement with TUDCA and NAC.


I didn’t recommend superdrol or anadrol because he wasn’t interested in tren, and didn’t like what winstrol or anavar did to his cholesterol/liver. Those 2 drugs can be way worse, as far as what the OP is concerned with.

I think Masteron is a little better for his goals than you’re giving it credit for, but I do agree that just a Test/clen cycle SHOULD be able to help him reach his goals if he takes diet and training seriously (I have my doubts about this being the case for him in the past.) I also agree that prop is not particularly advantageous. I wouldn’t use prop under any circumstance, really.


Hey well I appreciate any of the feedback you guys are giving…which do you think is less harsh on the body/ less side effects tren or anadrol? Cuz I would consider one if ppl have done them without terrible health sides


And by the way Joyful…don’t want to sound stupid…I know there’s test cyp and then there’s test enth…what is test ec?


@flipcollar yeah i don’t exactly recommend them either. orals are out of your system quicker and run for shorter periods generally, plus the sides are easier to mitigate with supplements. if he really gave a shit about cholesterol and health he’d get his diet fixed, which is what 90% of his success will depend on.

@revis_island either ester is fine. e/c = enth or cyp. as long as you stay away from all alcohol and follow my advice above anadrol will be better. get bloodwork done after 2 weeks on anadrol to see how your liver/health is holding up if you’re really concerned.