Cutting Cycle Advice

Hello first time posting. Trying to get all the help I can get before starting first tren cycle.

Stats: age 24 height 5’10" weight 191 bf about 15%

This will be my second cycle first was 12w of test e 500mg/w. No sides and significant weight gained. It’s mostly gone now and I’m left with less bf and good quality muscle.

Back to what’s important. 2nd cycle plans.
week 1-16 test prop 50mg/ed
week 1-10 tren ace 50mg/ed
Week 1-12 eq 1c/3.5d
week 13-15 winny 50mg/ed or eod
joint depending
week 1-10 aromasin or aremidex. 50mg/ed
week 17-20 nolva20mg/clomid50mg

Any suggestions/changes and/or opinions would be much obliged

I haven’t been on here long either, but I don’t think anyone here would recommend running 4 compounds for your 2nd cycle. I also don’t think you should be worried about “cutting”. At 15% bf you could easily get down to 10% with a little dietary effort. Check the newbie cycle guide stickied here, its a valuable resource for someone like yourself.

I wouldn’t really worry about cutting either a lean bulk would he much better for you.
Pinning everyday for 16 weeks is gonna get old real fast.
Why not run something like this

1-18 500mgs test E
1-16 600mgs EQ
14-20 50mgs winny ed (if you really want to)
Then pct as you’ve laid out.

With proper diet and training you’ll get a hell of a lot out of this. No need for tren. Once you go tren you won’t want to not include it.

Thanks for the advice guys. I might try for a lean bulk this summer. I have T400 as well. I might just run that for 12-16 weeks and hit winny at the end

Personally i would not reccomend 20 weeks as void suggested.

Get rid of the tren, increase the eq to 1.5cc 2x week (600mg)
Kickstart with anavar as high as you can afford for 4 weeks
Extend the winny to 4 weeks at the end.
Use Test E instead, prop for 16 weeks just to avoid the water weight isnt that worth it unless youre competing or whatever. Pinning 2x week makes it easy with the EQ

what about
week 1-2 test prop100mg 100mg/eod
week 1-20 T400 400mg/3.5d (taper down last 2 weeks)
Week 1-16or20? eq250mg 375/3.5d
week 1-4 an anavar50mg 1or2?/ed (capsule)
week 17-20 winny 50mg 1/ed or eod (capsule)

I would use T3 and clen in the first ten weeks, t3 2 on 2 off, and some supplements for protect kidney, fish oil for joint

I can’t get to or clen. Aromasin or aremidex won’t work? I take osteobioflex good bit of fish oil and liver support. I’ve never thought about kidney support

im sure you hear that alot but im gonna try one more time maybe only MAYBE you consider it to be true this time. buddy its obvious that u dont like ur current bf%. your first focus should be bring it down so u need a Pure cutting cycle not whatever it is your doing.

my suggestion would be 10 to 12 weeks of test P 50mg ED, 4 weeks of Proviron 100mg followed by another 4 weeks of proviron 150mg a day. and A VERY SEXY DIET AND CARDIO PLAN. keep the track of your weight loss, use techniques such as refeed day, carb cycling, such n such to learn your body n see what works better for you.
no Tren anavar or winny will burn the fat for you. diet will