Cutting Cutting Fat Fat Fat Tired Tired Tired

Yup the topic says most of it. NEED HELP

About me:

fat % 27
Present weight 230 Pound or 104 Kilo

I have in my youth been doing a LOT of BB as natty, and at that time I promised myself NEVER to be fat. Well, guess what. Life came in the way, and I ended up being 309 Lbs

I stayed like this for 25 years, before I said FUCK THIS. I went back to BB or more like PB 1/2 a year before Covid. I changed all my eating and trained like a beast. LOVING ALL of it.

I have on this joyrney gotten from 309 to 230 Lbs since then, but for the last about one year, things have gone to shit.

I cant get down in weight, and I am confused as to what to do.
I am starting to believe that I am UNDEREATING. I had great results at 1500 calories a day, NO results at 1800-2000 calories.
I feel exhausted, demotivated when down at 1500. 1800-2000 is so so.

I just want to get down to 18 - 20% bodyfat and work my ass of building muscles while I still can.

Please someone help MEEEEE.

I really need some advice, and I HAVE tried TDEE calculators.

Should I just say F… it and stay at maintenance and grow some muscles.

I am eating VERY Healthy, nbut once a month I take a day of and eat what I want and that is it.

So tired of being hungry and tired

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I’d look into g-flux. Train more so you can eat more so you don’t feel so tired.


UHHHHH, this sound interesting. Just so damn afraid of gaining weight again, but Mayube I should really try to increase my foodintake.

As of now I am training 5 days a week, and have a small farm

Think of it this way: what you’re currently doing hasn’t worked for a year. You’ve got nothing to lose trying something else out. What’s the worst that could happen: it ALSO doesn’t work? Great: nothing lost. If it DOES work? Even better.

The best part about being at rock bottom is you have nowhere else to go but up!


Checkout also. His neurotyping stuff is very interested. Can help you find a diet and training plan that fits you neurochemical profile, instead of trying to make yourself fit into a program you may just end up hating and not enjoying…which just leads to no results. I recently got on his diet for my 1B type, and after a week, I actually feel a lot better about food, feeling stronger and leaner as well after being a deificit for so long and not getting results and just feeling depressed about it too. He has a lot of free articles about the topic on this site, and his site as well.

My dude, this was me a little over a year ago. I had lost a lot of fat (down from a high of 210+ to a skinny-fat 165-170 at 5’7"), but was feeling awful from severe caloric restriction.

I started hanging around here, took HUGE inspiration from Pwn and others, started a training log, changed things up like more or less like this:

and now at 190 I’m bigger, stronger, leaner, and feeling better than ever. Oh yeah, and I did NOT gain back the fat I had lost!

So take a chance, because Pwn is right:

Good luck!


UHHHH, it is so nice knowing that I am not the only one being in this situation. It is terrible frustrating and the motivation just plumets when you are stuck.

As of now I am training 5 days a week for 60 - 90 minuttes at a time, and beside of that have my little homestead, so moving is not a problem. I THINK :slight_smile:
I am for now trying out Jeff Nippards High Frequency program, and I kind of like it, and I am busting my balls of, but growth has been minimal due to caloric deficit.

I am going to bumb up my caloric intake with about a thousand, and hopefully I will be able to train even harder and lift more heavy thus giving me more muscle growth.

I will try with 2500 Calories from the beginning, and IF it goes well I MIGHT try to increase it a little more. Will be doing this eating a LOT more small meals over the day.

It is interesting how you can end up depressed trying to loose weight :open_mouth:

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