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Cutting Creatine?

I was talking to a guy at my gym and he told me that while you are cutting you should cut creatine, and you’ll look more shredded due to the dumping of excess water retention, i never trust random advice from people i don’t trust so i’m trusting all of you smart enough to be on this forum to shed some light on this for me??? thanks in advance

Though it’s true, if you stop creatine, your muscles will lose water and look more “shredded” as creatine is a muscle cell volumizer and as such, holds water in the muscle cell. However, I’ve read recent studies show that creatine can help preserve LBM on a dieting phase by preserving some muscle glycogen. Creatine is starting to get a reputation as a dieting aid to aid in the preservation of LBM.

There are several studies that I have read that show that subjects who take creatine end up losing more fat as compared to the control. I don’t have the citations, but a few hours on Pubmed and you could have a lot of journal articles to read. Here’s the url if you need it: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/ query.fcgi?CMD=&DB=PubMed

i definitely say to stay on creatine. the goal is to lose fat not water. I usually don’t take creatine but i’m planning on doing it for 7 weeks straight while i go on a fat loss agenda. I believe that it will help restore muscle glycogen and energy stores in between my sets in the gym. The only conflict i’ve seen is between creatine and caffeine but you can counter act that by taking in more water. laters pk