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Cutting, Cortisol, and BCAAs?

Hey Coach. I’m a Natural Lifter and I’m currently starting a cutting diet while using the Best Damn Workout Plan perameters and adding in cardio. I do cardio first thing in the morning and then my balls to the walls weight lifting later on. My question is should I be taking a BCAA while I do my cardio to prevent my cortisol levels from raising and to maintain muscle mass or will taking a BCAA supplement prevent my body from taking from my fat stores as well and should just do my cardio fasted?

BCAA will not prevent the spike in cortisol. Anyway, cortisol should be high in the morning and it does help mobilize fat. The only thing is that you should try to bring it back down right after the session.

When I did my photoshoot I did fasted cardio and abs at 6am then came back home and had breakfast. This will help lower cortisol back down. You can also take vitamin c and phosphatidylserine (600-800mg) pre-cardio and glycine (5-10g) post-cardio

The Rainman of Fitness strikes again! Thanks coach, you rock.