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Cutting Confusion

what are some good basic tips to remember when in a cutting phase? i’m on an anabolic style diet right now (HIGH protein, LOW carb, semi-high fat), but how long until the results start really kicking in? i put a picture in (from a couple of months ago, but pretty accurate).

i know there’s potential for muscle loss with this diet if protein isn’t high enough, but how much is too much protein?

i kinda share the opinion that there’s really no such thing. i take the liver detox stuff to help with any excess pretein conversion. how hard should i be working out, and should carbs be taken after workouts? i try to keep them low after breakfast (~0630) and mainly stick to chicken and tuna during the day, with a protein shake or two thrown in. any advice WILL be appreciated.
thanx in advance.

Well if wanting to preserve as much LBM as Possible then shoot for between 1-2 lbs a week. No more unless you are very over fat. Then you can go a bit faster once within 20-30 lbs of your goal slow it down though.

Protien. In general I shoot for 1 grm per lb if going on a hypocaloric diet however I will up that to between 1.5-2g per lb, and drop some carbs.

Advice. get plenty of veggies. Dont be scared of fruit like berries etc. Great for the morning and LOADED with nutrients. Plenty of water. Thast about it withoput other questions

Good luck,
Hope that helps,

Tapout, you should be consuming adequate high-glycemic carbs and protein post workout–even if you’re cutting. I just cut back somewhat on the amount, but I never eliminate my post workout carbs, even when I’m cutting.