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Cutting Chicken Breasts


I am so sick and tired of cutting my chicken breasts, putting them in packets, and freezing them so I can have quick easy meals over the course of the week. Is there a chicken breast cutter or some kind of device that you guys use to cut chicken breasts in to small pieces?

I just want to buy my chicken breasts, use this device to chop them up in to small pieces, and then just put them in small packets and freeze them. I don't want to have to stand and cut my chicken breasts every few days. I feel like too much of my day is being spent doing this.

Please help me out.


Cut them all at once before you freeze them.

Do it once, then get it over with.


Cheeseburgers dont require cutting.


I don't cut my chicken breasts. Something manly about clutching a large chunk of dead animal flesh in your grubby mitts and repeatedly taking savage bites out of it.



Stores sell pre-cooked and pre-cut chicken breast meat.

I just bought a 24oz bag of them for $5.99 yesterday.

Nice to have in a pinch.


1) Buy 6-8 lbs of chicken breasts
2) Trim off excess fat / bone - arrange them all in large oven pan
3) Season to taste (I like salt, pepper, garlic powder & Oregeno
4) Cook at 325 F ~ 12-15 minutes per side
5) Remove from oven, allow breasts to cool and drain (I tip the pan and stack the chicken on the high end).
6) Cut chicken into bite size peices and package in a plastic container - place in bottom back of fridge. (I usually leave a few whole breasts in there for sandwiches too)
7) Open container, place what you need on plate - microwave for your meal.

All the work is done on Sat / Sun. The rest of the week is just portioning out what you want and reheating it. Do this with pork, steak, eggs (hardboil) and rice. I can have baked potato and meat or meat and rice for dinner any day of the week with about 5-6 minutes of prep time (mainly microwaving). You can even chop up salad ingredients and store them in portion sized containers (I use olive bar containers from my grocery store).


Get your girlfriend to do it. :slight_smile:


Throw your knives away.


chicken legs, god provided the handle




Or cook and then put them in a kitchen aid mixer, using the paddle attachment


You could buy chicken tenderloins. I don't see them very often at regular grocery stores like Kroger, Tom Thumb etc. but they have them at Costco and Sam's Club. They are just as lean as chicken breast and already in smaller pieces.


I cook my chicken breasts and then use a knife to hold them while i use kitchen scissors/sheers to cut the chicken into smaller pieces over top of a container so they land in it. it saves quite a bit of time this way.
then each meal just weigh out however much chicken you need and your good to go. or pre weigh your chicken after you cook it.