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Cutting Calories Fast?

When cutting calories, does it matter if you go from 3000-2000 in a day? I understand it matters if your going 2000-3000 but what about vice-versa?

There are different schools of thought on this. I think that for most people, cutting 300-500 kcal from usual intake (i.e. 3,000 down to 2,500) is prudent for a few weeks or even a month. If no leanness is coming about, another 300 off the daily total might be needed.

Let’s remember that a daily kcal deficit can also be done with cardio - not just less food in the mouth.

i think this will depend on a couple of things…

  1. the goal of your cutting

  2. how long you plan to cut

  3. whether or not the cut will be accompanied by overfeeds/refeeds

  4. the macronutrient breakdown of what you were eating at 3000 calories, and the breakdown of what you’re eating at 2000 calories

  5. your training protocol

regardless of the above, other than the accompanying metabolic shift which will almost inevitably occur (again all this depends), i don’t know why it would be a problem.

Thanks Dr. Lowery and Tomfu!