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Cutting Calories After A Cheat


Let's say I'm trying to eat 3000 Calories a day during a cutting phase. What should I do if at the end of the day I total my calories up (I know my calories should be planned, not totaled) and I go over by say 1000 Calories (unscheduled cheating, a mistake, forced feeding, whatever)? Should I just take it as short-term setback and go back to 3000 Calories the next day or should I reduce my calories on the following by days (say 250 Cal for 4 days) to compensate for the splurge? I guess bottom line, would cutting my calories over the next couple of days be counterproductive.




I usually burn 400 + calories when doing cardio for 30-40 minutes.If I ate 1,000 calories more,I'd just do cardio for 45 minutes for five days and cut out 200 calories.That means I would lose over a pound in one week(4200 calories in seven days).Good luck.


To judge if something is counter-productive we would have to know what your goals are.

If your goal is cutting (it seems to be) one day of overeating won?t do any harm. Do not cut back calories the next few days, the slowing down of your metabolism could offset the 250 kcal you eat less and your metabolism probably won?t pick up speed fast enough once you start to raise calories again.

You did not "cheat", oh no, you boosted your metabolism.

Just don?t boost it too often...


First of all - like you said - you should plan your daily calories.

Otherwise if you do over-eat, I would simply keep to the planned amount, instead of lowering it and possibly doing more damage.


Your best bet is to probably just go back to normal the next day.

If you ate crap for the extra 100 cals then you definitely want to just go back to normal. Otherwise your displacing good food for crap. Crap, if eaten at all, should only go on top of your base nutrition.



Thats right.When I'm cutting I have two higher cal days so that my metabolism doesn't slow down.It really works.Just look at it as that.Check out the zig zag method.


If you F' up just chalk it up as that a mistake Learn from it try not to do it again but dont overthink it and try and adjust the next day. just go by your plan.