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Cutting/Bulking Simultaneously?


I'm aware that cutting requires a calorie deficit, while bulking requires a surplus of calories.

In any given day, why can't you be on a calorie deficit yet load up on carbs after lifting for hypertrophy? Wouldn't this mean simultaneous fat loss and muscle growth?

I'm assuming there is some sort of timeframe for having a caloric excess/deficit before one looses fat or gains muscle. If so what is it generally?

Sorry if this topic has been done to death. My search returned nothing.


Ill keep it simple and concise bro. Theres a lot more to it and you can read up but in the most basic form.

Muscle growth take muscle damage and Muscle repair and well adaptation to the stimuls you put on the body but we'll keep it at it takes damage and repair.

Muscle damage, gym work, takes minutes. Muscle growth on the other hand tkae a LOT of time, protein turn over the flushing out of the old tissue the building of the new, which takes a lot of energy (food) and rest ( sleep relaxation, time out of the gym)

the problem with your idea is your only supplying that needed fule for a few minutes post w/o. while sure that may blunt the initial cortisol raise and start an anabolic effect you need that to last a LONG time as in eating hyper caloric in order to make any real drastic change in muscle size

thats VERY simple but the gest of it.

Growth needs a few minutes of HARD ass work and LOTS more hard work behind the fork and resting out of the gym



That makes sense. Thanks.

I suppose the obvious follow-up question would be "Is there any way to calculate how many calories above maintenance you must be to allow for optimal muscle repair, and what is the perfect caloric balance to get the best tradeoff between bulking and preventing fat-gain?".


Calories are part of it, but you also have to consider the macronutrient breakdown.

A decent "ballpark" starting figure is 18 Calories per pound of body weight per day for maintenence. You will need to adjust this up or down based on how your body responds.

A good goal (for a natural lifter) is to gain 1-2 pounds max per week. If you are gaining more it means you are putting on a lot of fat. Less you are not eating enough.

This all assumes you have your training dialed in, of course.

Good luck!


There isn't an exact formula for every single person. Start with a baseline diet, if you gained some lean weight over 2-4 weeks then good stay with that until it stops.

If you didn't gain enough then eat more. If you gained too much fat then eat a little less.

It takes time but experiment with yourself to find your threshold of eating the most you can to gain while keeping fat gains to a level you can be happy with.


Cut and bulk at the same time? Forget it.

That said, I've added Carbolin 19 to my staples. It's my third week on it, so I have no idea how well it works, but it certainly is a product worth considering. There is a lot of hype about how it might shed off some fat while bulking. Look it up.


Correct me if I am wrong, but if something's gonna help here.. wouldn't that something be HOT-ROX (I see the Extreme has Carbolin 19 added)?