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Cutting Bodyfat


I'm starting to getting in to intensive weight lifting and I'm just looking for some good advice on how cut some body fat. not necessarily losing weight but just lowering my body fat percentage.


You are basically asking how to add muscle mass and lose body fat at the same time. If you are in fact just now getting into weight training this is quite possible. The keys are to basically have your "planets aligned" as it were in terms of getting on a good diet and hitting the weights HARD, mixed in with some high intensity cardio and you should be on your way.

High protein, heavy weights, intense cardio. Its that simple, but it isnt easy.

MINIMUM 5 hours a week in the gym a week.


the 5 hours wont be that difficult. its not that I'm trying not to lose weight i just wondering if any one has any good tips on burning fat i.e. diet or exercises


High protein and fat diet, low carbs (~100 grams a day).

Exercises - heavy compound movements. Also, complexes and heavy circuit training are good.

Basically, the most efficient way of losing fat is to go heavy and absolutely put everything you have into it with minimal rest.


Some good measurements of Body fat may motivate you. There was an impedence meter in the gym which said I was at 25%, but I got a DEXA scan about 3 months ago which said I was 33%. The DEXA scan is thought to be the most accurate way of measuring body fat. That scared the crap out of me, and its been super motivating.

I'm a tall guy (6'4") who has trouble building muscle and easily retains fat. I find that a compound lift program (5/3/1) and a paleo diet has worked to some degree---Ive gotten stronger and have lost weight.

I suspect that what works for one guy may not be the best for the next guy. I think it depends a lot on how easily you build muscle and retain fat. The problem is it may take some time to figure out what diet/program is best for you.


I would like to add that single-leg exercises are a god-send for cutting. Sets last twice as long and create a great metabolic disturbance. The loading on your spine is also cut in half.


For your cardio do at least two high intensity interval sessions add some hills and maybe. HISS (high intensity steady state for twenty minutes) if you've got time to waste add a medium intensity longer steady state or two say 30-45 minutes on the stairmill or high incline treadmill (walk).

Keep carbs low as advised and time them for your first four meals and post workout only no carbs last two meals unless you workout late and its post workout. Your first year if you hit it hard and diet properly you can get amazing results meaning adding muscle and losing fat at the same time.

You should be lifting 4-5 times a week depending on your split and doing 2-4 cardio sessions so really to minimum 6-7 hours IMO but should be easy since you're motivated.


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this isnt my first year lifting. ive lifted through high school sports but its always been a side note gto training. But now I'm focusing all the energy on lifting.

right now what I'm doing is i have a morning session of lifting. then i come back in the afternoon and have a cardio/technique of lifting session. and the at night i try to have some type of cardio like running. and i do this Monday-Thursday.


If you can move the cardio to two days between Friday and Sunday, you'd be better off. Unless your goal is overall conditioning you don't need that much that close together, you're only diminishing your muscle returns. What you want is fairly simple with a decent diet and just lifting weights. You have to remember if you gain 5lbs of muscle and 1lbs of fat you just lowered your bodyfat percentage. The cardio would be necessary to lose weight more than fat. The most important thing you can do now is eat right. Lot's of protein/good fats and a decent amount of carbs.


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You know nothing about this guy, why are you recommending low carbs? Carbs are extremely useful for improving body composition and eating below 100g of them is NOT the way to go for everyone.