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Cutting, Bloat, AAS


Hello T-Nation,

I am amidst a cutting cycle consisting of anavar only 60mg ED for 7 weeks and things are going amazing except for one little thing. As many of you might know when dropping carbs substantially one tends to get constipated (commonly). I am doing a carb cycle and losing fat and building muscle (AAS) and I was constipated but not bloated. I bought Sugarfree metamucil and I am a little less constipated but I bloated like a m'fer. I read that psyllium husk causes bloating.

What other alternatives to psyllium husks are there to remove my constipation while at the same time not causing a bloat?

Bodyfat is melting away literally, but today in the gym my sixpack was not as pimped as always.

Thanks bro's,


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It is a sign of stomach bloat.

Do you have anything productive to say or are you just trying to up your post count?


Lol @ someone your size using AAS.

Fiber choice tablets.


you have the physique of a child and you are talking AAS


Thank you,

Yes, I am working on that.



Are you serious?

If youre bloated while on a caloric deficit than your diet just plain sucks.


I eat plenty of vegetables throughout the day. The bloat was caused by the psyllium husk. My diet caused constipation. Happens every time I play around with carbs.


Yes Kaiser, I am sorry my physique does not compare to your 250lbs at 2% bodyfat. You look awesome bro.



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Lol @ your 6 pack not being pimped. Dude, youre fat.


6 pack is always out, by not being pimped I meant that I had a layer of what I correctly assumed to be water from bloat which psyllium husk caused, as soon as I dropped the psyllium husk I woke up "looking" better so to speak. I am not fat, I am not ripped, I am working on attaining my previous physique of about 4 months ago, got carried away with winter.

The anavar is legit and have used before with similar results, its good. I dropped the metamucil yesterday around 5pm ( I am supposed to take it 3x a day according to directions.) and the bloat dissapeared :). However, the constipation remains. I'll look into the probiotics to reset my intestinal flora, thank you man, appreciate it.


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Even sugar free metamucil has maltodextrin in it, I prefer to just get straight psyllium husks.

You can also try benefiber. Or whatever the stuff is that's in benefiber.

Also, if you're eating less food, you're going to poop less. Focus not on the amount, but on the quality. If it's hard or if you're seriously straining, then keep working on it.


What about something using xanthan gum fiber? People react differently to the same products, yesterday I had a mild allergic reaction to Benadryl of all things.

When I read advice here I mentally insert "for some people, some of the time" in front of it and I find it allows me the mental freedom to consider the possibilities in shades of gray instead of the stark black and white contrasts some people envision.

This Alchemy has nuance to it.


This thread is AWESOME.


This was lame as hell. First off your lucky if you ever hit 250 and second off kaiser is a semi-pro fighter.

Gotta love the internet.
I would've loved to see what'd happen if you made a stupid comment like that to his face. Better have made sure your funeral arrangements are in order.


boy i sure wished i could pimp my abs!! hahahahha, damn, best laugh i've had in a while.


Did I ever say I could beat him up? No, most likely I would not be able to, and I still don't give a shit. That does not change the fact that he is criticizing someone's physique when he looks like complete and utter shit. When I said 250lbs I meant it as an exaggeration and personally it is not a weight I would ever be comfortable in, and I do not have anything against people who go for that, in fact, I admire their dedication to the sport.

As for me, I prefer to be lean and ripped. I am currently sitting at 197 at 11 or 12% can't remember, but it was hydro. My desired weight is 185-190 at 7%. My question was a simple one and it got quite off-topic, so please if you do not have anything helpful to say regarding my original question, refrain from commenting on my thread. Thank you for the above posters who tried to help me out, I am looking into your responses.



KM deserved that comment and I had many lols at his expense.