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Cutting Back & Timing of Carbs

I am thinking of cutting a lot of my carbs from my diet. I am curious if simply ingesting them around workouts is sufficient?

I am thinking af this: preworkout shake w/some carb/-- post workout shake w/creatine/carbs.

The rest of the day simply cutting carbs way back, maybe just a few veggies. Will I still maintain strength if I still push heavy? I know that carbs are some of the energy but I beleive that a lot of it is simply mind over matter.

I am ready for the BAASSSHHHINNNGGG!!!
So let’s get it on!!

Bashing for what You basically just listed what damn near everyone does to one extent or another round here.

You outlined the T-Dawg 2 diet pretty much do a search and read it. Its a solid plan.

Hope that helps,