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Cutting at the end of bulking

I’m not sure how to make this sound intelligent, but here goes.

I want to drop about 3 percent bodyfat at the end of an 8 week bulking cycle. It’s not enough fat to run a dedicated cutter for.

What do you guys think is the best approach? Do I cut cals the last two weeks and up cardio, then go back to ‘slightly above maintenance’ cals during PCT?

Also, can anyone compare their own experiences eating really clean while bulking vs. a see-food diet?

I know we traditionally don’t want to try and do two things at once here, but I also know we’ve all tried. Let’s hear your experiences.

I don’t think that 3% is all that much depending on where that 3% is. If you are at 18% it could be easy to lose but if you are at say 8% like Tren Freak stays at it could be a bit more difficult. So I guess a little more bodyfat % info might be good before good information can be given because that can dictate how you would or would not drop that bodyfat and preserve the gains.

If you are on enough aas, diet alone can work to help you cut that fat. 2 weeks of carb restriction should do it. And yes you can gain size while dieting, I proved it when I dieted down for my competition, then ate my weigh back up while getting leaner. - At the end of my diet my arms measured bigger then they ever had before I began my diet, by almost a 1/2 inch!

Thanks bros.

I’ll probably be around 15% post cycle so maybe I’ll just cut carbs at the end. I want to at least see my abs during PCT.

I find that if my diet is super clean, then I can easily gain size while dropping bodyfat. The hard part is eating so clean all the time.

Warhorse: did you read Christian T’s bi-monthly newsletters Modern Strength (vol 1 specifically)?

They didn’t talk about this exact issue but CT did refer to the best way to retain gains post cycle while keeping bf low.

Concerned they’ve gained fat on a bulking cycle, and wanting to get rid of it, CT said some athletes cut calories post-cycle to avoid bf increases while off the juice. He advises to cut calories by 20% during the last 2 weeks of your cycle, and drop protein to 0.7g per pound of bodyweight.

Then, post-cycle, to induce a large rebound anabolic effect, drastically increase calories for the 2-3 weeks directly post-cycle. Then, after the 3rd week slowly drop calories back down to baseline. This procedure helps to retain muscle mass while keeping bf% as low as possible.

If you guys aren’t signed up to CT’s newsletter, you should, it’s free and AWESOME information!!!

Archaic, that actually sounds like a pretty decent idea!

Hmm. Thanks Archaic, where do I sign up for CT’s newsletter?

Well, best way to do it is probably to PM him. Or, I think his email is:

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