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Cutting and the Best Boosters

I was just discussing this in another thread and figured I would get some input. My metabolism is a bit slower, my job a bit more sedentary. About 8 years ago I had spinal fusion in my t-spine and that and the recovery (and eating like a bodybuilder while moving like a sloth) and I gained more body fat than I desire. I am currently running TRT which I started in November at 250mg weekly pinned daily. I was looking for some input on cutting. I have been lifting for about 30 years and have a decent bit of muscle and I understand nutrition, macros and all that (not claiming expertise here, just understanding). I am currently trying to cut at 2500 kcal, but am not seeing the two pounds per week I would like drop. Just curious on your opinions on things like:

blasting test (which I will probably do once I have supplies sorted out). I realize diet and exercise are the number one and two keys, but I could use a boost. I am pretty sure I have a great body under this belly, and I need to find it. lol

If you can’t cut on 250mg of test then nothing will help you. That’s a very high dose for trt and it really should give you everything you need as far as muscle preservation.

What’s your diet like, macro wise, for the last six weeks?

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I set my protein goal at 225g, carbs 100 and I have not really been tracking fat. I generally get enough. I certainly don’t avoid it. The rest I leave to discretionary calories. I am eating 2200-2500 kcal day. I have noticed a change, my waist is shrinking and I am hitting stronger lifts (not my goal, but I like it anyway). I know I need to track better on the weekends- I don’t go crazy, but I lose track sometimes. I get a bit impulsive and impatient at times. I think I just need to be patient and keep tracking and adjusting. Any other suggestions?

What’s your TDEE? Height, weight, age, activity level, etc? I went through something similar not long ago, so I have some thoughts. But I need a little more information.

Depending on the method and activity I put in it has been anywhere between 2700-3100. I think 2900 is about right. I am 5’10 250 (fluctuated between 249 and 254 last week). 48 years old. Job is fairly sedentary, half office half field. I lift 6 days a week with a push/pull legs split. Routine takes an average 40-60 minutes. I walk 30-45 minutes daily and I play hockey on Sundays for two hours. My back is a bit jacked so at times I have to chill and let it rest, but I have three little ones and they keep me somewhat active as a balance.

Hmm. Then if you’re eating at 2,200 you should be losing a decent amount. Either your natural metabolism is brutally slow (welcome to the team!) or your actual calories in are way off. I somehow doubt that you’re just miscounting (you seem tuned in to your body and your life), so perhaps your maintenance should be X but in reality it’s X -?, which would account for the lack of fat loss. I went through this for months. My maintenance was simply wrong. The formula works for the majority of people, which is another way of saying it doesn’t work for everyone. Try to cut down to 2,000 calories for two weeks and see if you don’t get some accelerated loss. You probably need to do a lot of trial and error. The older we get the harder it is to rely on baseline assumptions of what works for a 26 year old.

Ill try that. Something is off right now. Last Friday I was 249, this Friday I was 254 and today I was 255.5. My stomach is jacked so I am probably retaining something, but one would think I am gorging myself all week. I will drop to 2000 for a couple weeks and make sure I get everything weighed and tracked and see how that works. Appreciate the input sir. BTW how old are you if you don’t mind me asking.

I doubt you’re under 15% body fat, in which case you really shouldn’t be introducing PEDs to help you lose weight because 1) They aren’t really gonna do jack shit 2) you can probably still lose weight with diet alone.

If not, add some LISS cardio, if you just want to go to a healthy lean weight the last thing you need is clen

Ok- Thank you for the input. I was considering blasting test at 500 mg to get the anabolic effects, but I think I will stick with the TRT dose and keep tweeking my calories. I am not below !5%, nowhere near. At 5’10 250 and 15%bf I would be a beast. I have only been on the TRT dose for a few months and I do think I am seeing changes, just not at the rate I figured. I was looking for 2lbs per week and am seeing more of a recomp really- a very slow one.

I’ll be 38 in a few months. So not old by any means, but certainly not moving like I was when I was 19. My metabolism has always been lousy, even when I was much younger and free from real responsibilities. I’d always have to be careful with what I ate, even when bulking.

Me too. Well this summer actually. I miss being called one of the young guys at the gym. There are now new groups of 20 somethings that think I’m old LOL

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Literally twice my age! @iron_yuppie @blshaw

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