Cutting and Strength?

okay i asked this in the beginners and only got one response and its buried now, and i belive what the poster said i just want more opinions :stuck_out_tongue:

will you reach a point while cutting where you just wont get any stronger? my row and bench are stagnating for a month now while my other lifts go up and all i can think of is having been cutting since febuary. im really weak too for my size in the bench and row 160 pounds ( im 6’3 286)

ive changed my bench to a BB from a DB, i do daily undulation of reps and sets so all i can think of is lack of calories to gain strength… but then why does my dead lift and squat keep going up slowly?

You can continue to increase your DL and squat while your pressing is stagnant because while you are cutting the increases are coming from increased neural efficiency, rather than muscle growth. Pressing muscles have higher neural efficiency to start with than those involved in squatting/Dling, so they reach a plateau sooner.

Having said that, it is still possible to increase your BP by various shock tactics. Try mixing up your set/rep scheme some more, use a different grip, do lots of lockouts to emphasise the triceps, try reverse grip presses (grip the bar as if you were going to do curls).