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Cutting and Strength/Muscle Loss


I've lost a Lot of strength by cutting, when I start bulking will my gains return rapidly? Or is that broscience??


Well when you gain weight you get stronger so there will be a return of strenth. If you kept training heavy consistently while 'cutting' and kept progressing in the gym then there should be no problem.


How can you progress in the gym if you're cutting. Also I guess what in asking is after you finish a cut does your strength lost during said cut rapidly rebound when you start bulking/recomping again, and you exit a hypocaloric environment


How did you train during your cut? Specifically?

How much fat/BF% did you lose during the process?


if you want a short answer, yes it does.


If you do it correctly, you shouldn't lose strength when cutting. I may get a bit 'sluggish' during the day, or even between sets while dieting for a contest, but my strength never lags due to properly targeted nutrient intake and non-excessive bouts of cardio. Reassess what you're doing. If you're losing noticeable strength, you're more than likely dieting away muscle mass.



You loose strength when starving, not cutting. How much weight have you lost over what period of time? Describe what your conditioning was like before the 'cut' and what you have done during. How much did you weigh before and how many calories a day were you eating? How about the same question now? What changes did you make to your resistance routine?


Yep, what Stu said. There are points throughout the day in which I feel so tired and worn out that my eyes start to close and I probably looking like a dope fiend nodding off, but thats 'par for the course' when on a restrictive diet. When I KNOW my macro breakdown for the day, I plan accordingly. For instance, I need to really tighten things up in the next few weeks. So I changed things around.

Now, when I'm dragging ass all day, I come home, fill up a 1.5 liter water bottle with 2 scoops Surge Recovery, chug, pop 2 HOT-ROX, drink cold coffee, then I'm good to train. Also, to have 'something' in my stomach, I've recently started taking Stu's suggestions about lettuce. I literally eat up to 12 heads of romaine lettuce a day. I don't count those calories.


Wait...that's you in your avatar...and the goal now is to lose weight?


This is honestly the first time my strength has not dropped. I do notice some days where I can't do as many reps with the same weight (I am sure due to the lack of carbs in my diet lately), but no drastic strength decreases lately.

Excessive cardio is the devil and will rob you of any hard earned muscle.

Also, dieting before you SOLIDIFY those gains is a great way to lose everything as well.


are you dieting for a show Prof or just for yourself? How much weight have you dropped so far?


I've read that your supposed to stay at a certain body weight after a bulk to let your body get used to it before you start cutting. Is this what your referring to?


Prof, I know...It's a work competition with a cash prize. I need more mass, I know!


Not a show. I just have something coming up and a date set. If I showed you the pics taken in the last month, you would probably think I lost at least 20lbs but the scale hasn't moved that much.


It's Professor X's question, but I just found this in the T-Cell and thought it might be helpful: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_alpha/set_points?id=2557963&pageNo=0


I have cut around 15 pound in the last couple months and my strength has not decreased, in fact, it has increased. As was previously stated, reassess what you're doing if you're losing excessive strength while cutting. You might be cutting too quickly or not training properly amongst other things


Your priority is getting the gaining phase sorted, especially if you have a tendency for easy fat gain. There's no need to take things to the extreme, before it's even time.


Clever Joe goes from 180lbs to 200lbs in 10 months, his bodyfat increases on the callipers from 12% to 14/15%. He gained ~12-14lbs of muscle and ~6-8lbs of fat (a ratio of roughly 70/30 which is really good for the average guy). Even though he gained 8lbs of fat, he still looks good, if not better than he did at 180lbs because of the extra muscle (fills him out better). To others without a keen eye, he didn't even gain any fat. Nevertheless, so that things don't get "out of hand" later on, for the next 2 months, he trims off the extra 6lbs (which is easy, less than 1lbs of fat a week...doesn't have to go on some pre-contest diet, doesn't need much cardio if any because he's already lifting 5-6x/week, and can even gain a little strength). He then proceeds his next sensible gaining phase the next year.

Stupid John goes from 180lbs to 200lbs in 3 months. He read that he needs to force his body to change, and eat for it, and as he does this he starts to see gains. But he takes it too far, and tries to force gains. He doesn't worry too much about his diet, doesn't even eat enough protein, and just tries to force the scale up by 1-2lbs every week eating everything in sight. He trains 3 days/week, sometimes 4 if he's feeling up to it. His bodyfat increases on the callipers from 12% to 17%, he gained 8lbs of muscle and 12lbs of fat. Because of this bad ratio, it shows. So he decides (with his irrational/impulsiveness) that he needs to get "shredded". He's fed up of being "fat", so instead of just trimming a little and recommencing gaining, he spends the next year yoyoing and spinning his wheels. He "diets" (i.e. reduces calories far too much, and does far too much cardio for his stage), and looses muscle/strength. This freaks him out, so he decides to "bulk" again....and so this terrible cycle repeats. His lifts in the gym hardly even go up even over a year.

I know they are both extremes, but hope this little story somehow helps lol


Stupid John (page 3 onwards):


Clever Joe:




About 1.4% or so so far but I'm only 4 weeks in today an bench str dropped about 35 lbs ;(


It's been 4 weeks today and I went from 190 to 177( weighed earlier this week) but I also just came off creative so a lot of that was probably water