Cutting and Strength Loss

Ok I am beginning a 2-3 month cutting phase consisting mainly of 400m sprints, tabata style lifting, and some sort of maintanance work and was wondering a couple things.

-Can I maintain my current strength levels and get leaner?

-Can I do tabata style lifting without losing strength?

-What is a good maintanance program for someone who has been PL?

-Is there ANY possible way that I can lose fat using the tabata method and sprints while still eating and PLing enough (I eat clean) to allow me to gain strength?

Low Volume HIGH weight. Try simply to keep the load very high to preserve strenght. Wit all the cardio and tabata you have plabnned that is very caloric demanding and will lead to Lots of energy and fat/possible muscle loss. But it shoyuld allow you to keep the loads HIGH volume LOW and rest periods LONG inorder to attempt to keep all your strength.

I would gauge your success on how much strenght you preserve as comparedd to how much weight you lose. If you are losing a lot of strenght then either adjust the diet or drop some of the tarining load.