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Cutting and Muscle Soreness

Hi mates, im just wondering here…its been a while im cutting, about 180g ptn, 60g fat and 150g carbs and since i started cutting my soreness decreased a lot, i put a lot of effort on my training, and yes i know muscle soreness is not that acurate to measure hypertrophy and even more on a cutting where you dont gain shit lol

but im used to feel the soreness specially after hard workouts, i use moderate to high volume and train each bodypart twice a week (just once directly, usual bodysplit) and it seems to be the best way for me…and since im not getting too much sore, i increased my frequency adding a little of back workout before arm day and chest after my shoulder workout, this way i stimulate directly everthing twice a week and i actually felt worse doing this way, specifically my chest, im doing this for about 2 months, getting back to my usual routine now just to mix things up…

any advice guys, should i worry abou this or nevermind?

You don’t need muscle soreness to attain maximum hypertrophy. In fact too much soreness usually points to poor adaption to training/too much work load. Just tune it back to where you were not feeling too sore but still reaping the benefits.

People that strive for muscle soreness all the time are retards. Keep doing what you are doing if it is working for you.