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Cutting and Maintaining Hydration

Right now I weigh 180-182 pounds and I’ve got to weigh in at a hydrated 172 or lower on August 28th. I’ve gotta make weight for my Sprint Football team (varsity college football, same full pads game just with a weight limit).

What is the best way to go about achieving this? I was thinking about the get shredded diet for like a 2-3 week stint. The V-diet also seems like a good idea because it allows slightly more calories so I can lift 4 days per week as well as agilities and conditioning on two of those days. I also have to be hyhdrated, and I’m new to this making weight thing.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

8-10 lbs in a month and half?? well that shouldnt be to darn hard unless your all ready at a low BF%. So it depends on that. But hey Id just prob say screw it do the V-Diet and shed that shit as fast as possible and then get to a point you can maintain it and work on performance which for sure is going to suffer on ant diet let alone an extreme one