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Cutting and Macros

so im not sure if any of you are familiar with nick mitchell. he’s a british coach who’s formally a bodybuilder himself. after seeing some of his client transformations i began to read into his work. what he seems to be a big advocate of is setting someone out on a low carb high protein moderate fat diet, and as time progresses, usually after 4 weeks or so he begins adding carbs post workout. after which he goes on to a carb cycling type approach. now this is the polar opposite of most pre contest or general diets I’ve seen as carbs become lower as the time goes on.

wondering your thoughts on this idea

As you mentioned, it’s not a conventional approach but there’s several ways to skin a cat. If his clients come in peeled and full, there could be merit to it.

However, everyone is extremely different and GOOD coaches adjust their plans based on individual needs per client. So that being said, any kind of remarks or opinions on this methodology is purely speculative and hypothetical.

Alot of good coaches will start low carb just to get a sense of how carb tolerant the client is.

ye i think its due to the fact that the period of low carbs helps those with insulin sensitivity issues. ye he also goes onto say that carb tolerance must be monitored and it doesn’t work for all but that it can help. he places carbs pre bed which i like due to serotonin production as thus helping one sleep, stops the dreaded no carb nights with no sleep