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Cutting and Joint Pain?


Does anyone ever experience any mild occasional joint pain, tendonitis, muscle strains/pulls, etc, during a fat loss diet towards the end? If so, how did you remedy this? I have about another month before I'm done cutting, but it seems like as time goes on, minor issues keep coming up that hinder my training efforts in the gym. I probably take a deload week every 6 weeks or so. Thanks.

PS I have heard some people complain about issues like this when dieting, but I never hear of anything to combat it. I take plenty of fishoil, cissus, and multi.


Define plenty of fishoil? And how does your training look like?


I guess "plenty" is kinda subjective. I've tinkered with anywhere from up to 10 caps of Carlson's aday down to 4 a day(not sure of the grams, but I didn't see any effect between the dosages).

For the first 4 months of the diet I followed Strength and Size 2.0(4 day upper/lower split).

Then I switched to the V-Diet workout from about May-now(my diet began in Jan). Although March/April was touch and go with training because I came down with some nice golfer's elbow(which is why I switched the the 3 day V diet workout to go a little easier on my elbow)

Might help to know, I am not tendonitis prone, nor do I usually have joint pain. I was a swimmer for about 14 years and never had one problem(despite being a butterflier and distance swimmer). They generally have the most problems.

I suspect it could be diet related and that's really why I posted, to see if others in a fat loss diet encounter similar problems.


You began to diet in january and are still at it? And the duration of the V-diet is one month, or I'm wrong? If I'm right, you're doing two in a row? Which means you're looting your own body if you're at it since January.


I'm not on the V-Diet. I was just using the training program. No you are correct, it's just a 1 month program/diet.

That is one possiblity that I just have been dieting for too long. But I'm close to the BF I want. It's pretty hard for my to lose fat, and I've heard it's ok to diet for 6months, as long as the calorie intake isnt drastically lower than the maintenance. Didn't those guys in the physique clinic go at it for close to 5-6 months? Pretty sure Gus Pacho did.

I have taken breaks throughout. Unfortunately I probably should have taken a few weeks of the diet and increased calorie intake here and there...but when you're making progress...you know?


And there you have it... But if screwing up your tendons and your overall taxation on your body is also progression? In my opinion you didn't prioritize right.

And bringing the physique clinic as an argument won't cut it, Gus Pacho had some good people with loads of knowledge to help guide him. You on the other hand are on your own.

Give your body the ability to heal and stay on an caloric surplus the next couple of weeks.


True. I'll do that. Thanks for your help.


No prob =)