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Cutting and ECA for a Noob


I have reached the end of my bulk. I'm going in to the gym to test my maxes in an hour and after that i will begin taking ECA stack and doing cardio. Plan to lose 3 lbs per week.

height - 5'10
weight - 208
right arm - 16.5"
left arm - 17"
cal - 17"
right forearm - 13.25 "
left forearm 13"
neck - 16.5"

What is my bodyfat?

How much should i expect to lose off my arms if I drop 20 or 30 lbs? (serious)

Since I don't drink anything with caffeine regularly how should i expect to react to the ECA when I take it for the first time in a few hours? All jittery?


another pic


I hope that's not a serious question since it is impossible for anyone to tell you accurately based on your pictures. At best, you might get a close guess, but you'll never know if it';s close unless you actually get tested.

It will depend on your sensitivity. Seeing as how you don't normally consume caffeine, it could go either way.

A more important question is, why are you using this product at the start of your diet? Since such products are best not used for very long, it makes more sense to wait until your fat loss stalls before introducing it.


What the hell happened to your face?

Why would you want to stop a bulk now, at only 208?

If you are 5'10" and 178, how big do you think your arms will be?(serious)


I blocked out my face for anonymity.

I will probably only cut down to 185. I hope to only lose 1/2" on arms.

I'm on ECA stack now - working great so far. I cant eat nearly as much at one time without feeling sick. I had to throw some of my oatmeal away, it was too much.


Once again, why start to cut now?

From your pic, your chest is only starting to fill out, you need shoulders (lateral and posterior), your arms are small (biceps and forearms, triceps needs fullness), your back could use some width and thickness, and, I'm only assuming here, your legs and calves are probably well below par.

So, why cut now? You are on the road to big.


Its only going to take 8-10 weeks to cut down.

Believe me, I want to grow big, especially with neck training. I want a 19" neck so bad. My goal is to row 315 for 10 reps in 6 months...been making great progress towards that. I also believe I can hit a 405 bench within a year from now