Cutting and Carb Cycling

I am not a stranger to lifting, training etc. I recently decided to take a leap and take things to a different level and to participate in a NCP natural show towards the end of 2019 year. It was advised by a trainer that I do a cut before I build and prep. I am age 35 and have had three children. I do not know that I can afford the cost of a trainer for now until the end of the year. I was hoping I could hire the trainer on in mid June.
Trying to educate myself on a cut. If anyone can provide any pointers or knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, should one carb cycle during a cut?

Thanks so much!

I am not a lady, and I have never stepped on a stage anywhere, but it has been several days since anyone offered you any advice. Just take my advice with a grain of salt.

I have been on t-nation in one form or another since roughly 2005, so I have seen a lot of good articles come through, and a few have stuck in my mind that may help you until you get someone qualified to give you better advice than I.

(I have spoke with Mr. Henriques via email and he is super helpful. I don’t think his contact info is hard to find on the web.)

(Mr. Carter is all over Facebook. He is a good guy and is easy to chat with. Just send him a friend request and the guy will often be happy to offer small pointers or answer questions on his articles.)

(Not sure what happened to this guy. I remember people giving him a hard time at one point or another. Not sure where he is, but this article was cool.)

You will be shocked how many people will help if you ask and are humble. I have spoken with Dan Green, Jim Wendler, Chris Duffin, Mark Rippetoe, Joe DeFranco, and many others. Just be clear about your goal and listen to what they are telling you. A lot of the info you need is free on the web, and people often just need someone to hold them accountable and keep them from self sabotaging (a trainer).

Also, can you give us some stats/info? Things like height/weight, age, training background/training age, and goals are super helpful to a lot of people who will be happy to lend you a hand.