CUTTING: Am I Eating Enough?

Im 5’7-5’8 prolly around 218 right now. I eat a little over 1900 calories a day. I believe my BMR is 2100 or 2200 and this is from a nutrionist office not an online calculator. On M/W/F I do a circuit training workout, 5 exercises, 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Then 15 minutes of HITT after, 2 min slow 1 min hard. On T/TH/S I do around 35-45 minutes of cardio keeping my heart rate around 55-75%. I had a big cheat day friday and checked this week and havent really lost anything. I dont know if I can go by this because I just started the new lifting program last week after only doing cardio for 2-3 weeks. I dont know if I need to eat a little more or cut down on the cardio?

1900 sounds a little low. Your circuit training routine, is it a full body workout every session? What type of exercises? Are they done at your 10 rep max if they’re done for 8-12 reps, or do 8-12 reps feel ‘easy’? Do you have free time to get in some non exercise activity most days of the week; i.e walking for 30 minutes?

I would cut scale checks down to every other week or less(I’m losing ~ 1lb a week from 285 down to 230 now, and I only check my weight monthly). Have you weighed yourself under similar conditions each time? Weight can fluctuate quite a bit depending on hydration, food in the gut, time of day etc.

My thought would be that your goal at the moment should be to drive up your metabolic demand, I eat 2200 calories by lunch time, and I’m still losing because my work intensity is very high compared to my training age.

My workout is usually 2 bodyparts and I never stop. The first set I use for a warmup. By the last set 12 reps is pretty much fatigue or i dont make it to 12. I do have free time but have a ankle that is still recovering from a major surgery so thats why I do the elipitcal on off days.

Everytimes I weigh it is after 7 days, after I wake up and use the bathroom. My metabolic rate is good, I eat every 2 hours and 6 meals a day. plus a ton of water. The only time Im really hungry is about 15 minutes before eating. Im also taking SCORCH and VAPORIZE. I think this week, Im going to eat around 2100-2200 and scale back the training to the 3 workout days and hitt, and maybe do cardio on sunday and see how that goes.