Cutting Again, Help Me Get It Right This Time

Hi guys, bulked up to 220lbs at about 20% body fat right now I want to bring that down.

In the past my bulk and cut cycles have failed miserably, I get down to around 195-190 and still look exactly the same in the mirror just smaller, like I’m losing everything but the fat.

This time I want to do it right but I’m lost, I’ve calculated my TDEE at 3300 (6ft 3, 220lbs) so I’m trying to eat at around 2500-2700 calories a day.

My macros are for the past 7 days following a diet I made up and can follow easily

232g carbs -928 cals
80g fats - 270 cals
223g protein - 892 cals
2540 calories over all

How can I not go through getting smaller and looking exactly the same like last time?

I’m following 5/3/1 for deadlift and squat and hypertrophy for shoulders and chest (4 dislocated shoulders) so unable to go too heavy on pressing movements

Start at 3000. Easier to gauge were you are.

Drop 5/3/1. Full body, three times a week with 2-3 conditioning days. No, you will not atrophy.

For the shoulders, I have 5 dislocations. Lots of band work. I did 100 reps (spread how you like) every sessions. Dropped the benches altogether and started with ring presses. I believe I was around 90 degrees the first few weeks. Yeah, my shoulder was bad. Worked my way to flat for 4 sets of 8-12. Took about six months. Now, push presses and scrapped presses are my favourite. Not trying to impress you, hopefully impressing in you that there is way to get better instead of ignoring it. Now I do only dips, bear hugs and dumbbell presses.

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You’re going to look smaller. You need to accept this. Once you get to a low enough body fat level, you’ll start to give the illusion of being bigger.

That level is probably a lot lower than 190lbs. Concentrate on keeping your strength levels (there’s a good recent thread on this)

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Definitely. If you have a higher amount of body fat it may take longer than you think to get to that level, but once you start getting lean enough it’ll be worth it. If you got down to 190 and still don’t see the definition, you’ll have to keep going. Although I would think at 6’3, 190lbs should look fairly lean. But, if you really were 190lbs and not 200 or 205, you’ll just have to keep going until you get there.

Agreed. If your TDEE is 3,300, a 10% deficit is a good start. Going down to 2,500 is way too much way too fast, you’ll burn out. Slow and steady. Eventually you might need to keep lowering calories so you need to leave yourself some room there. [quote=“JFG, post:2, topic:221315”]
Drop 5/3/1. Full body, three times a week with 2-3 conditioning days. No, you will not atrophy.
Also agreed to drop 5/3/1 if you’re trying to cut. A 3x per week full body plan with 2-3 conditioning days as @JFG mentioned would be great. I think you could also consider a 4 day bodybuilding style training split with 2 conditioning days and get good results.

With your goal, you must realize your nutrition will be the primary factor in getting there, while still training frequently enough to keep your LBM. The goal of any diet is to lose fat and maintain LBM, so be sure you’re committed to the consistency of your diet and training. If you haven’t reached your goal yet, you’ll have to do something different than you previously have. You will definitely have to do conditioning and cardio!

Follow the 3,000 cals, adjust your training and be sure to get in at least 2 conditioning days to start and you should see some weight loss. When it stalls, lower cals a bit more from eliminating carbs (always keep carbs pre workout) and maybe consider adding 10-15 minutes of low-medium intensity cardio after your training.

Above all do not get frustrated, be sure to approach this in a very meticulous way in your planning and execution. Consistency is the key. If it’s not going the way you want it to, reevaluate and make adjustments, and of course you can post here with detailed info and you’ll get some advice. Be sure to post any questions!