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Cutting Advice?


Is there a product that works good to get cut because right now i am 5"10 167lbs. with 14% body fat and i want to get body fat down to about 7-8% bodyfat if not lower


Your profile says you're 160 lbs and 25% bodyfat. So you gained 7 pounds net, lost 16 lbs of fat and gained 23 lbs of lean.
I'd bulk up to at least 190 before worrying about cutting.


This may sound too easy, but some pre-breakfast brisk (non-panting) walking, either treadmill or outdoors is a good idea for many people. (Some guys consume just a half-scoop of protein and a cup of java.) I've seen athletes to this for 30-60 minutes every morning to get leaner without interfering with muscle gain or risk of overtraining.

...Just one approach...