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Cutting Advice

I’ve reached the point where I’m feeling hungry 24/7 and energy levels are dropping. I haven’t seen any significant loss in strength.

I started the cut at 6’ 202 guestimating 15% BF. Every TDEE calculator put me in a range from 2700-3k. I think the 3k seemed high so I was aiming for a 500-700 calorie deficit.

Averages over the past 26 days are 184 protein, 120 carbs, 101 fat, 2158 calories. I’ve lost at least 5-6 pounds so far. Haven’t weighed in at over 198 at night in several days or over 196 in the morning. Drinking over a gallon of water per day.

I’m doing 5-6 hours a week of strength training (heavy big three lifts followed by hypertrophy and assistance work). I’ve also recently included 60 minutes per week of HIIT on the elliptical 15 high/45 low.

I should I keep my calories currently in the 2200-2300 range as long as I’m losing weight or should I even be eating as much as 2400 per day?

What about doing both? 2400 on lifting days and less on non-lifting days.

2400 on lifting days and 2100-2200 on off days perhaps?