Cutting Advice ?

Ok, this has been bugging me now for months, and now i have decided im done with putting on weight.

I have:

-9 Final Exams next 2 months

-Reduced money to study and food is costing me around 400 of your dollars a WEEK or 270 pounds… and thats not including the supplements.

-Im f*cking FED up with forcing food down my throat, really its getting on my nerves.

ANd MANY more reasons, but i have HAD it with gaining weight !


I will readily admit i know sweet f*ck all about this cutting business in 7 years it hasn’t crossed my mind.

I have read the Professor X T-Cell thread and liked the CT’s carb cycling, i will also but CT’s new book as he reccomends it would work for big guys.

Anyone with any tips i would greatly appreciate it, and PLEASE do not start mentioning HIT or HIIT cycling on a bike for 30 mins every morning is my cardio ala DC so the idea of sprinting off down the road REALLT is not realistic

I have no idea, what i’ll do training wise do i need to change ?

I HOPE to start this in the next 2 weeks, im already cutting down on some of my food mainly the excess carbs and some protein.

Erm thanks in advance i suppose.

And at the end of it, ill even post pictures of myself in RMP (haha) if all goes well.

Carb cycling or complete Palumbo diet. ECA or clen, I prefer clen due to my high tolerance to the ECA and its strength. Cardio on empty constiting of 30 minutes at 60-70% 3-7x per week (completely varies from trainer to trainer) which you pyramid up to an hour.

Training stays the same. Heavy and hard. You have to act like you’re bulking. Staying consistent is the key to leaning out. My two centavos

Wow. Leaning out for me is way more expensive than bulking up! I’ve been reduced to swilling olive oil to make calories on the AD and even thats expensive.

As far as the “help”, clen and deca for me - an oldie and goodie, but you should consult the correct forum for that.