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Cutting Advice Low T



Been at it for 5 years now… started out at 260 40%, and have managed to whittle it down to 204 23%. I’m 5’11" 34yo. That said, recently found I have low T (rx amount below, started last week), and likely have since my initial weight gain 5+yrs ago. During this time I’ve been at ~20% calorie deficit (which is where I’m at today)… just wondering if it would be worth it to try a little more cals (maintenance, or maybe 10% reduction) for a while? Or would I be better off to keep at the cut until I get the body fat down near single digits?

My end goal is to be somewhere around 200lbs 10%.

Below is a detailed list of what I’m doing… I do take some liberties with meal timing, but will stay within below food sources 90+% of the time.

Diet Guidelines: Min 200g protein, Target 100g fat, max 20g Sugars… all clean sources. 70% carbs periworkout. Cals ~1900 non training, ~2300 training avg ~2150 weekly.

Morning sup 1: ProBiotic 50 billion, 500mg Curcumin 95
Meal 1 ~7am
1 tbsp Coconut Oil, 2 oz almond milk, Coffee
8oz liquid eggwhites, 1 oz almond milk, 1 tsp sugarfree syrup
Morning sup 2: True Nutrition Whole Food Multivitamin, NAC 600mg
Meal 2 ~10am
8oz liquid eggwhites, 1 oz almond milk, 1 tsp sugarfree syrup
Meal 3 ~1pm
6oz Grassfed Beef & beans (or chili), ½ avocado
Meal 4 ~4pm
1 can tuna, preworkout add Concoction Bowl (.25 cup oats, 1 tbsp pb, 1 squirt sf syrup)
Pre workout sup: Caffeine (black coffee), Peri shake (below)
Pre Dinner sup: MD’s GDA, Digestive Enzymes
Meal 5 ~7pm
Fish/lean meat 6oz, Veggies, grassfed butter
Meal 6 ~10/bedtime
1 scoop isoflex
Snack ~ as wanted/needed
Raw/Steamed Veggies
Drink ~ as wanted/needed
Water, Plain Tea/Coffee (3 cups max daily)
Evening sup: fish oil 2.4g, Niacin
Peri-workout Shake: True Nutrition Blend (33% HBCD, 67% Protein), MD’s GDA

Lift: 4x weekly S/T/R/S (rotate pump/failure weeks)
Legs: Ham curl, Press, Extension, Adductor, Abductor, Calf Raise
Chest/Shoulder: Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Butterflies, Rear Delt Fly, Cable Delt Raise, Calf Raise
Back: Pulldown, Seated Row, Cable 1 arm pulldown, Standing Cable Row, Calf Raise
Arms: Curl, Pushdown, Cable Curl, Cable Tri Extension, Cable Reverse Curl, Calf Raise
Cardio: 20 min LISS (or 10 min HIIT) minimum 4x weekly–fasted, before bed, or post workout
Stretch/Meditation: Nightly

Rx: 50,000 IU D3 weekly 12wks, 200mg testosterone cypionate every wk (IM), Niacin TR nightly

Thanks for your help!


Yeah go up to maintenance, -being on a deficit for such a protracted period of time might even have contributed to low T.

Ideally use the extra cals to really crank up the volume and metabolic work with something like this…