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Cutting Advice in an Unfortunate Situation

right, a little background first:
-27 years of age
-been training seriously since 17 years (spend about 6 months a year rowing, which involves weight training about 3 times a week, and then spend the other half of the year weight training with my main goal being to get aesthetic as possible)
-weigh 91 kg
-about 12 % bf at the moment

my first cycle was definitley not something that would commonly be recommended, but i took the risk anyway and did a 2 week cycle of:
-500mg test prop/week (low dose for a 2 weeker i know)
-and 1.5grams of methyltrienolone taken orally (2 weeks after the cycle i got liver values done and they came back within the normal range according to my gp)
my gains were nothing short of spectacular, i bulked very aggressively but still lost a little BF all while gaining 10kgs which were ALL kept.

i have 10 weeks in which i would like to get ready for a beach holiday in the summer, my goals are to loose as much BF as possible while at least maintaining muscle… but heres the unfortunate part: i cant use injectables for reasons of avoiding getting caught (not because im scared, on the contrary i actually loved pinning the prop)

i am aware oral only cycles are far from ideal, but im willing to try make the most of them.

  1. has anyone used the 2on/2off style to cut? or does anyone think it could be productive? the reason im more inclined to use this style, over say a 6 weeker for example, again is, (A) using orals, the 2 weeks off would be of great value to my liver as i have heard that liver strain is more affected by overall time under stress than the dose used (read it on a thread at tnation about winstrol+anadrol 2 week cycles) and (B) i love the fast recovery of the hpta with gains that continued right through PCT

my initial idea was was (roughly) to use proviron to try maintain sex drive, state of mind, etc. because i cant use the beloved testosterone… and then to stack anavar and winstrol because of anavar having AR mediated effects and the winstrol having mostly NON AR mediated effects (hopefully obtaining some kind of class I + class II synergy)… i also thought about maybe using adrol instead of var because of the great synergy i have heard about it when stacked with winny, but am not too excited about the idea because i have some puberty gyno that never went away (even at very low BF) and would prefer not to have any water retention as i will still be going to the beach on the weekends and like to look my best (so just generally not very fond of estrogen and/or progesterone). i also love the idea of winny reducing subcutanious water making me appear more cut, vascular, harder, etc. although i am slighty weary of the joint issues often spoken about, because i do LOADS of running as part of the rowing training.

sorry for the long read, i have blabbed on a bit… but if ANYONE has opinions or advice on what i should do in this unfortunate situation i would be very very appreciative. thanks guys!